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    Quote Originally Posted by daveshooter View Post
    and see if they are capable of even developing it
    Not necessarily - no real (coding) skills needed to stuble upon some leak or bribe right person in right place

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    i have a blu ray burner already and a few blanks if it does work and anyone needs me to copy for them or whatever to prove its real i'm down to help anyone on here.. i just would like to find out if its true or not..

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    They should have fake us they are in Myanmar because no copyrights law in this country, $ony can't do anything here.

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    Can you use ATAVRXPLAIN / OLIMEX AVR-USB-162 with JB2?

    Where can I get latest updates?

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    Not yet, but as more details are available we will update the first post and the mainpage article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acemang View Post
    Can you use ATAVRXPLAIN / OLIMEX AVR-USB-162 with JB2?

    Where can I get latest updates?
    In my thought, the first Developer board which will be supported - if possible - will be the Teensy 2.0 (ATMEGA32U4) and Teensy++ 2.0 (AT90USB1286). So you're good to go to get one ( ) - as long as they're still available.

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    If its a modified firmware we won't need teensey etc... just a usb drive plugged in with said files, i think.

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    Maybe the people that bought these games should just upload the eboots of these working 'backups' so the devs can have a look at them?

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    If those eboots were encrypted again with custom keys, it'll be just as hard to find those as it is to find Sony's keys.

    Edit: what might actually be useful is the 3.55 dongle update.pup.

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    I coincide that time will tell but all points that this gonna happen soon.

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