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    If it comes from Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOpa) i believe. Hmm.. interesting, can't wait to know how it works.

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    hello, nice news.. i'm a noob to this site and hope everyone is well?

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    "Console must be on PS3 Firmware v3.55" didn't mean necessary that dongle works on 3.55 ofw. A special fw 3.55 could be always required. We have still too few information to give a reliable opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveshooter View Post
    I'm not going to say it's fake, more like fictional. If there is a slim chance something like that being real, then You and I would know it, and the reason for that is, because we would of developed it 1st in the group of know developers.

    If I was interested in this, which I'm not , I would take a look at the history if any, of the so called creators of this, and see if they are capable of even developing it, because if you think about it, we have across 3 of the main PS3 hackers web sites the best dev's going, and if they haven't come up with this 1st, then its unlikely any other unknown Dev's have.

    Just a thought.
    i'm not saying its real either but remember the original ps jailbreak? we still don't know who made it and that's the point, it doesn't have to be someone famous for something to be real

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    Well if this is real which we are all waiting on a final word. my question is how long before someone clones this? Maybe time to pull out the old minimus again! I miss the old hermes days!

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    Agreed, I definitely wouldn't pay for anything as odds are it will be ported to existing devices for free like the original PS JailBreak was.

    As for who is behind it, my guess is the same folks who were behind the original even though they are playing up the "Indonesian" guise vs the "Australian" angle this time in hopes people (and Sony, of course) will believe otherwise so they don't end up being the next GeoHot.

    Also I saw this on IRC tonight... may be BS, but if it isn't I would say it's good advice indeed.

    <komatose> I have confirmed with my sources that jb2 is just a regular usb with a mfw. Now to wait for the firmware leak.

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    i bought 1 myself. and should be delivered sometimes this afternoon...

    i will post my own video if its REAL OR FAKE... cost me 60 bucks for the bloody dongle.. it better work...

    just burned myself couple of the 3.60 fw up included GOW origins... dammit this blank BD-R 25gb cost me 10 dollars for tube of 10's

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    if i'm not mistaken you must use the Copied BD specially made for those dongle that cost about 5$ each BD, and only a few title available

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    sweet can't wait till you get it, soon see if its real, people will go crazy buying them if its real. good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by emperor17 View Post
    if i'm not mistaken you must use the Copied BD specially made for those dongle that cost about 5$ each BD, and only a few title available
    Well that's kind of annoying, I hope there will be a tutorial on how to make this special BD disc to be played on this dongle.

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