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Thread: Rumor: New PS3 Slim 3.50 CECH-251x Models Not Downgradable?

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    FMAranda Guest
    Why don't you format that hdd and install the right fw?

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    moahmedkamal87 Guest
    do the 320 gb with the move bundle also comes with software version 3.50 pre installed or it comes with 3.42 only pleaze help want to buy a new ps3 and want to jailbreak it but worring about the preinstalled software version number , is there going to be a downgrade for the new model with the cech 251x or it is the end and how much time it will take to jailbreak it?

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    atlask2 Guest
    I think psmove bundle are on 3.42. Try yourself, if it's on 3.50 return the pack to your customer and change it.

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    budhambre Guest
    I just picked up at gamestop a new 160 gig, with 2501, Netflix on front and move on back. It's 3.41.

    Here are the pictures.

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    Apr 2005
    +Rep for sharing them budhambre.

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    vulcan4d Guest
    I got a CECH-2501 from Costco in Canada that came with 3.50 and after spending the whole daying trying to downgrade it refuses to do so. It was built in October, but no downgrade firmware works tested every single one from 3.15 to 3.40, debug and of course the modified 3.41. The only file it will take is the 3.50 with file1 of course.

    I heard rumours there were some that you could not upgrade but this is no rumour, it needs to put on all the news pages as everyone still claims 3.50 is downgradable.

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    freeps3 Guest
    Does this matter? Soon we will have custom firmware upgrades/downgrades without the usb dongle thanks to Sony's epic signing fail, just don't upgrade past 3.55 to be sure.

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