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Thread: Rumor: New PAN/Europe TOS Indicates PSN Ban Wave Incoming

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    scriptkid Guest


    Just download and install the PSID spoofer. That way your original PSID can't get banned.

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    xxxgizmoxxx Guest
    I think people are looking way too much into this. So Sony have updated their T&Cs, big deal. Apple update theirs every month or so. Obviously the T&Cs are going to state all the things you are not allowed to do on the PSN, which naturrally includes connecting with a JB console.

    As far as I'm concerned, this does not, in any way, signify that Sony are about to execute a ban wave. If they do decide to ban, I don't think they have any legal obligation to advertise the fact with updated T&Cs first!

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    j0hnny Guest
    seems like psn doesn't work for me anymore... it says that i have to update my console to the latest firmware of all sudden... it worked fine til now.. was using hermesv4-psn-math-netkas-hex for my teensy++ 2.0... now tested the newer ones like hermes-psn-eco-xoeo-cyberskunk-evilsperm-hex but doesn't work too

    edit: ah wait, didn't they say we won't be able to access psn for the half day? i'm such an idiot.. gooosh

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    TheInVisibleGod Guest
    You're not an idiot... jailbreaked PS3 will need a new patch to access it again!

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    ragnar Guest
    if its anything like online poker and botting, i doubt they will ban everyone. they won't care as long as people are buying stuff and making them money.

    but since its sony, who are retarded that way they will most likely try and ban everyone.

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    j0hnny Guest
    seems like they really added a check for spoofed firmwares

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    trashchris Guest
    what makes you believe this?

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    j0hnny Guest
    i can't go online with any psgroove version anymore whilst on a legit ps3 on 3.50 psn just works fine getting a message on the jailbreaked one that i have to update my console...

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    trashchris Guest
    that sucks, didnt get a chance to play online with my jb ps3, been playing the legit ps3 on cod non stop.

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow Sony has restricted PSN access for Debug units owners: Now only on 3.50

    This was submitted by JailCenterKZ but I am not making a new thread for it, so I will add it here instead and link to it in the first post. To quote:
    Today Sony goes for sensation - all Debug consoles owners have been restricted to PSN.

    Until today we could easily access PSN via any Debug firmware, started from v2.0 and higher. And today, trying to access PSN on Debug firmware, I got a message.

    Attempting to do the same on older firmwares I got the same 8002A212 Error.

    So, from now we can only access PSN (both Debug and Retail) on 3.50 FW.
    Update: From the latest TOS change: Unless expressly authorised by us, you must not:
    • share, sell, transfer, rent, or sublicense any Service or part of any Service to anyone else; or
    • modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or dissassemble any Service or part of any Service (unless permitted by applicable law); or
    • create any derivative works, attempt to create the source code from the object code, or download a Service or any part of a Service for any pupose not authorised by us; or
    • copy, reproduce, communicate to the public or transit, use for public performance or exploit any Service or part of any Service

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