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    bah, when it happens, i'll poweroff my ps3 during a firmware update and I'll change for a new one because its on warranty Godbless the new ps3 slim with 320gbs

    F. sony.

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    Sep 2010
    We can`t say we couldn`t see this coming but $ony seems`s to forget a simple rule once you punctured the dam there`s no way to stop the water

    They are pouring money into something they can`t protect in the long run..

    I`m not wishing for a white christmas I`m wishing for a PS3 with unlimited psn access

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    i'll stay off p$n as of now I think.. i'm not really bothered about online, but i am bothered about losing the ability to JB.

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    (including but not limited to cheat code software or devices that circumvent any security features or limitations included on any software or devices).

    I wish.

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    i think that this user agreement is too just big "coincidence" to happen now...

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    Fact #2: This brings the PAN / EUROPE agreement to the same level we had in NA (America) since June!

    then NA users already have this updated TOS? The other question is how I can find the psid from a ps3?

    my guess is dump LV2 and find it but it's hard for a noob like me.

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    I think it will be like on 360 a cat and mouse play and most user who use jailbreak will be ban. To be safe one ps3 for online gaming and one for jailbreak.

    Sony can have lot of information for us like the mac adress, serial of blu-ray, psid...

    Even if we can change this it must be legit to deban a ps3 and where we will you find this...

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    Do you really think IF you change your PSID back they do NOT notice? Your still using an prohibited piece of soft AND hardware to realize this. SO you will be banned anyways.

    minddagap: Like you gona get a new one? PSJailbroken PS3s are NOT refunded, switched, repaired or what receive any service of whatsoever from Sony. Plus the shops are allerted for crime! I work at the Intertoys in the Netherlands and people are NOT allowed to switch the PS3 anymore. For warranty they should contact Sony!

    So i wish you good luck with that!

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    have not used PSN for months already.. won't affect or bother me.

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    So... a serious question: What technically happens if you are banned? No online play?

    I know that would stink for some titles, but... is that it?

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