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Thread: Rumor: Belzar - World's First PS3 Modchip Being Tested?

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    Chivafighter Guest

    Rumor: Belzar - World's First PS3 Modchip Being Tested?

    Supposedly on August 18, the Belzar PS3 Modchip BETA 2 has been sent out to 50 testers for final bug testing.

    Real or fake I'm not sure, but I'm not willing to sacrifice my PS3 account for a modchip.

    To quote: can proudly say we have done what many other have failed to do, we have a fully working direct boot modchip at beta level, being tested right now.

    The Belzar PS3 modchip, is the world's first modchip to direct boot Blueray back-ups, and is packed full of other useful features including, multi-region DVD, and Blueray movie playback.

    Belzar PS3 Modchip Features:

    - Works on all PS3 models
    - Works on all PS3 regions (USA, JAP, PAL,)
    - Direct Boot of PS3 original, import, and backup (copied) games
    - Direct Boot of PS2 original, import, and backup (copied) games
    - Supports multi-region Blueray Movie Playback
    - Supports multi-region DVD Movie Playback
    - No config disc needed - it just works!
    - Transparent stealth operation
    - Integrates proven belzar Intelligent Code Modifying System
    - No awkward USB interface - just insert DVD and play!
    - Supportsall upto date titles
    - Ultra-low power consumption; does not interfere with normal PS3 operation
    - Only 12 wires to solder
    - No external PC/laptop needed
    - Completely upgradeable firmware, via Belzars usb 2.0 interface

    [imglink=|Rumor: Belzar - World's First PS3 Modchip Being Tested?][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    Can't say I've heard of this until now, and the domain appears to go to a residence... so if it was legit I'd definitely fear Sony's wrath.

    registrant-firstname: Ricky
    registrant-lastname: Fairbanks
    registrant-street1: 268 Willingham Street
    registrant-pcode: DN32 9PY
    registrant-state: LIN
    registrant-city: Grimsby
    registrant-ccode: GB
    registrant-phone: +44.147207526987x53
    registrant-email: [email protected]
    That being said, I know idone said on IRC he was going to mail them about getting a test sample... guess we'll know soon enough.

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    saioke Guest
    this is excellent news and i too am seeing this for the first time knowing that the ps3 indeed is hackable. but as stated, a mod chip definitely isn't worth the risk of having your accounts banned or even worse, have your entire console bricked. chances of this being released without sony doing something about it is 1 in a billion.

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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah, well, a few points.

    Of course, I hope its real (who does not?), but seriously - it most likely is not.

    For starters, their own description is quite clunky, but the best parts are below:

    - No awkward USB interface - just insert DVD and play!
    - No external PC/laptop needed
    - Completely upgradeable firmware, via Belzars usb 2.0 interface

    So, you do not need a PC, and there is no USB interface (yes, because USB is soo awkward), but, you can upgrade the FW with USB...

    Furthermore, there are no pictures, or install documents.

    The kicker is that it supports all Region DVD/"Blueray" movies - ironically, the limitation of this is not done in HW, but in Software.

    Finally the whole "copied games" part is funny - how exactly are we copying these games - scene releases will not work, I love how PS3/PS2 disks work, but not PS1 disks (which, in the grand scheme, is the easiest disk to get going) and where are the pictures of the modchip, the install documents, etc?

    Some stuff does not add up, but maybe they, or someone else can prove me wrong!

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    imtoodvs Guest
    if its cool, next week can i put up a ps4 modchip that allows you to play Xbox 720 games & can make unicorns appear when you say my name backwards "svdootmi"?

    (I crack myself up)

    more that likely this wont come to pass, as much as i would hope. let see if idone can get confirmation from these guys before anyone screams the "F" word.

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    vingadorjr Guest

    Thumbs Up I think its the real deal

    I do think that this one are for real.

    They are talking about a "Direct Boot" Modchip, maybe the backups are loaded before the console loads the XMB, and maybe the fact is that the mod blocks the XMB. Thats why they are calling "crapy USB", because they dont plan to mess with USB programing too much, maybe because its XMB territory. And they dont talk about any online interactivity, then a assume that its really a "Direct Boot", without calling the XMB, only loading the discs right after the console goes on. I think its the right way, because this way we wont fear any PSN ban.

    I do think that its a "high price" prank to do too, buy a domain just to make a prank? Dont think so. And to finish, think about the time this new are being unleashed! Maybe M$ decide to pay for someone to unleashe this jugernaut of a chip right in time that all the publishers are rejoicing about the price cut... ummm...!

    Sorry about my english guys, and till next time.

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    Xplic1T Guest
    This is too funny. Dont you think with all of that electrical knowledge he would atleast know how to make a better webpage than that pos?

    I dont believe it and nobody else here should... lets face it ... only one person out there has the know how to circumvent sonys protection and thats c4eva.

    Too bad he cant take a little break and investigate the ps3.

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    Darkskyva Guest
    i think this is fake. 1st its on ps3news, sony can/will find out and so many people tried. and if it is true sony will patch it.

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    red8316 Guest
    Interesting find, but it's probably sketchy at best. Looks like a template website that isn't fully customized and the links section is unrelated. But ... hopefully they aren't full of it, anything helps. Thanks for the post, had my hopes up for a second there.

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    richleva Guest

    Big Grin richleva

    Even Better News- do you know geohot?

    He's the guy who hacked the iPhone. Well he's on PS3 now! Check HERE if there is someone you can trust trust HIM.

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