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    I agree with victorinox here, it looks like some kind of publicity stunt. Its hard to believe that a modchip, which seems to be more of a drivechip, since the site states that the chip will only allow for copied games, could do this. The drives firmware is encrypted and on a per-box basis, so unless they found a way around all of this, they are just making things up.

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    Guess we will have too wait and see. I find it strange that no one else has heard of this till recently. I still call fake and till proven otherwise.

    Hopefully more details in the next 24hrs.

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    I think it's a fake.

    Cause in they say they have received one to test, but if you make a whois to you get the following.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    The same as


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    Lets wrap this up here guys, move along

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    dunno but

    maybe this is why they removed otheros from the slim?

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    Just wait & see..

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    Something is bound to happen sooner or later,.....

    Still no reply from this guy yet and he has my email and phone # to contact me.

    As far a fake ps3 mod chips go there was a site (quite some time ago) that had pics of a crap load of wires connected to the drive.. which was fake of course.... and also team infectus saying that the argon was only a .dat file away from becoming a ps3 drive chip..(later they stated that due to SCEE {legal issues} the project was halted)

    For now lets just wait and see if we can even get a reply from this guy

    And as far as hopes for ps3 hacking/backups ect ect.... i would honestly rather see a legal elf loader spring forth before a method is divulged to launch/load/run backups

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    Quote Originally Posted by victorinox View Post
    im sure its fake... there are too many hitches with it.

    now lets factor in, the actual costs for this item... wii chips *atleast the good ones* were a minimal of 20, since this would be a 1 of a kind item, with a HUGE ammount of interest, expect mark up... so the ammount could be in the high 50's *like the wasabi/d2pro's were* since it seems quite good with those features, im assuming its a 50+ chip... now you add in the cost of a bluray burner *100+ easy*, and the price of a blank bluray disc *5 usd per, from what ive been hearing...* the overall cost/risk doesnt even out with the reward... and MOST pirates would be turned off... most wii pirates for instance wouldnt even spring for brand name discs...

    it says all models... but with slim being announced, and all of that... its very iffy if they obtained one, and even so i doubt it was a simple ezpz fix for the slim model, since it doesnt specify the slim either way *if it could, then i assume it would say EVEN THE SLIM! and if it couldnt the opposite* in addition, it doesnt bring up a point on the ps2 backups... i would assume first gen only... but from what they said, it appears all...

    the biggest thing i find odd is "Transparent stealth operation" i dont see how, the first of anything, can be sure to be "stealth"... or atleast be proven 100% safe... =\ they also use poor things like "No config disc needed - it just works!" they give no explanation for it, and the way its stated, it sounds off...

    finally... I wouldnt trust anyone who says "world's first modchip to direct boot Blueray back-ups" *they add the E multiple times...*

    im sorry, but even if they were bad at marketing... they should atleast have minimal... I mean MINIMAL knowledge of terms, because I dont know about other people... but do you really trust a group that cant even spell "bluray" correctly? *btw i know my english isnt amazing, but im not a dev trying to market a product =P*
    See... ntn technical. Just problems with the sites wording etc

    Lets just all agree the ps3 can never be hacked and move on. Thats what we are getting at here anyway, isnt it?

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    For me is "too good to be true" and I hope someday ps3 can be hacked

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    Patience lads, this is more than like b.s. but just wait it out.

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