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Thread: RPCS3 PS3 Disassembler / Emulator for PC Project is Announced

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    RPCS3 PS3 Disassembler / Emulator for PC Project is Announced

    Today chrisbdk announced via DemonHades that Spanish PlayStation 3 homebrew developer rpcs3 is working on a PS3 Disassembler / Emulator PC project called RPCS3 with the current source code available below.

    Download: RPCS3 PS3 Disassembler / Emulator PC Project r21 / RPCS3 PS3 Disassembler / Emulator PC Project r21 (Mirror) / RPCS3 PS3 Disassembler / Emulator PC Project r21 (Mirror #2) / RPCS3 PS3 Disassembler / Emulator PC Project r28 / RPCS3 PS3 Disassembler / Emulator PC Project r35 / SVN

    To quote, roughly translated: Well then apparently someone has the job of making a PS3 emulator for PC. An now is in the process (to not get excited) only a disassembler.

    NOTE: Do not expect to launch a game or homebrew or anything, just are in test mode.

    PlayStation 3 RPCS3 emulator open source to run on PCs with Windows OS. For now only a de-assembler PS3, although in recent deliveries have been able to implement ELF compiler.

    List of Changes:

    • Cleanup code
    • Implemented DbgConsole (for sys_tty_write)
    • Emulated PPUThreadGetStackInformation syscall
    • Fixed return id for FsOpen syscall
    • Emulated some pad syscalls constant key table: A = LEFT, S = DOWN, D = RIGHT, W = UP, Enter = START, X = R3, Z = L3, Space = SELECT, K = SQUARE, L = CROSS, ; = CIRCLE, O = TRIANGLE, I = R1, Q = L1, P = R2, E = L2
    • Homebrews: Added dump_stack.elf, Added pad_test.elf (press 'X' for exit)

    • Fixed compilation errors
    • Added missing Time.h
    • Fixed cntlzd/cntlzw opcodes
    • Fixed close PPU threads

    • Removed SDL
    • Emulated more PPU instructions
    • Emulated some lwmutex/ppu thread syscalls
    • Added FuncList
    • Improved PPCThreadsManager
    • Added ppu_thread test homebrew (work fine)
    • Fixed dump from ELF64

    • Fixed read fstub id

    • Search more info
    • Implemented saving columns size

    • Fixed load section names.

    • Implemented GameViewer.
    • Fixed crash on exit.
    • Rewrote ELFLoader.

    • Implemented DisAsm mode for SPU and another fixes.
    • PPU Interpreter: Emulated more ops. Fixed UpdateCR.
    • Memory: Fixed FastWrite 16/32/64/128.
    • SysCalls: Emulated some process/memory syscalls.

    • Implemented "DisAsm & Interpreter" mode.
    • Implemented SPU emulating.
    • Fixed crash in NullMemoryBlock read mode.
    • Implemented loading flags from ".got", ".data.sceFStub" and ".rodata.sceFNID" sections.
    • Fixed seek for FS syscalls.
    • Emulated more PPU instructions.

    • Fixed reboot system
    • Interpreter - Emulated more instructions
    • DisAsm - Added more instructions (thank to BlackDaemon)
    • SysCalls - Rewrote base class, Removed count limits
    • ELF compiler - Added b/bl opcodes, Implemented auto analyze

    • rpcs3: Implemented ELF compiler compiler (Asm, just to test).
    • interpreter: Fixed ADDI opcode.
    • syscalls: Fixed syscall (system calls) File System.

    • DISASM: Fixed code dump.
    • interpreter: Found and emulated instructions. Fixed value sc.

    • Removed pogina WikiFAQ wiki on the web.

    • WikiFAQ

    • interpreter: Emulated instructions.
    • ElfLoader: Fixed SetPc value.

    • rpcs3: Fixed compilation errors for debug mode.

    • rpcs3: Emulate some syscalls (system calls) File System. Re-writing mode MThread (now uses pthread 2.8.0) Re-written momoria administrator. Re-writing the store manager (ini). Log Marcos Main and keep their position and now tamano.size Added more opcodes. Fixed 'crash' if the frame Log / DISASM / Memory Viewer is closed. Implement OGL video mode.
    • DISASM: MT dump implemented.

    • DISASM: Fixed dump mode. Added instructions G4 (~ 90%)

    [imglink=|RPCS3 PS3 Disassembler / Emulator for PC Project is Announced][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    rocha160 Guest
    i don't want more emulators i want a 3.60 jailbreak!! every day there is a new emulator. is that what they are wasting their time on? wtf???

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    quotejoss Guest
    what a crybaby.


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    willyjofre Guest
    Not even a NASA PC could run the PS3 Emulator hahaha

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    It really depends on the developer, some are interested in emulators and others jailbreaks or game managers, etc.

    It's nice to have a variety of people with different interests working on the PS3, but keep in mind whoever releases the next PS3 JailBreak may become the next GeoHot with Sony taking legal action so that may be why few are willing to share one.

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    catalinuxm Guest
    I agree with ROCHA160, for what those emulator, flagging, rebuging, some CFW that already exist, and so on... Brainiac!, Good morning, WakeUp guys, there is something to discover... or Sony put you all down and you guys, are so afraid to publish how to Jaibreak this console.

    So, PLEASE STAND UP!, PLEASE STAND UP!, or let us know if you don't care.. so say we all, me and other few thousand!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You stop wasting your time and make a 3.60 Jailbreak. You seem to know what you're talking about.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Looks like a few of you here is missing the point - this is not "another emulator" - this suppose to emulate PS3 on PC (and not vice versa) and although I doubt it would ever reach the full capabilities not even mentioning the speed of actual PS3 the benefits are obvious - if you can "run" PS3 code on your own PC you have much more tools to debug it, poke around and find out how to crack the system and so on. So stop moaning and if you want something else - go and make it, nobody stops you if you think it's so simple

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    catalinuxm Guest
    Nobody say that is simple and we all apreciated HARD WORK, when we see SOMETHING, and we are not missing any points, but our patience is hard to ignore. And don't forget CFW 3.66 is all that matter after that you may release what ever you want.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    So are you saying that a functional PS3 emulator could assist in the development of CFW's?

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