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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by arktos View Post
    how does this payload autodetection work? do i have to put the payload to usb?
    It's written in the changelog:

    8.0.0 - Changed from using LV2_patcher/PL3 to Dean's implementation of Syscall36.

    It's already implemented.

    Greets Modmate

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    mikefixit Guest
    do i have to uninstall Rogero PS3 Open Backup Manager v7.9c first before updating to Rogero PS3 Open Backup Manager v8.0?

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    nicotine Guest
    rogero 8 - ratchet and clank a crack in time STILL locks... is there something im missing?

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    trivance Guest
    Great work, for some reasons, this is the only one that WORKS on my CFW. Thanks a lot!

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    knight1978 Guest
    The Rogero Open Backup Manager v8.0 deleted all games from my ps3 hard disk LOL...

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    mwja627 Guest

    Rogero Manager 8.0 and Saved Games

    I have just recently updated rogero manager to 8.o and now all my saved games are missing is there a way for me to retreive them and if so please can you tell me how tried searching for the last few hours. also happened to me when i updated to rogero and stopped using gaia just started over i would like to get my save files back i connect to the the ps3 using filezilla go to hdd0/dev/game AND I ALSO HAVE hdd/dev/GAmes i think my saved files should be in there somewhere can someone help me find them or are they lost?


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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Rogero Manager v8.1

    Another update to Rogero Manager v8.1 with the changes below:

    The Background Image cannot be disabled for this version because the Games titles won't show if the Background was disabled from Settings, that's due to the new graphical Font used. This will be fixed in later updates.

    ChangeLog: 21/02/2011

    8.1.0 - Supports 2 built-in Payloads: the user can change between Sysc36 & PL3 from the Settings Menu.
    8.1.0 - Updated the Payload detection function to supports all known payloads (3.41 & 3.55).
    8.1.0 - New [USB Mount] option that enables loading of known "Black Screen Games" from external USB drive.
    8.1.0 - [USB Mount] can only be used with CFW 3.55 (3.41 not supported), Split-Games also not supported.
    8.1.0 - Optimized the Game Copy function for better/faster operations.
    8.1.0 - Fixed the Progress-bar bug that was freezing at 99%, no more freezing.
    8.1.0 - New FT Font is used instead of the Debug font, Japanese titles shows fine now.
    8.1.0 - Added new D-pad List navigation & L2/R2 scrolling functions to support the new Font.
    8.1.0 - Fixed the Delay problem experienced in version 8.0 on Game's Background Image Loading.
    8.1.0 - Changed the Auto-fix-permissions to [L1+R3] = Fix_selected_Game Permissions on internal/external HDD.
    8.1.0 - Fixed the "Protected Mode" bug that prevented it from saving it's last state on startup.
    8.1.0 - Fixed the ScreenSaver bug that triggered it after Game Copy/Delete functions.
    8.1.0 - Removed the initial Setup sequence on Startup and used Default settings for faster operation.
    8.1.0 - Removed Un-used functions from the Settings Menu for simpler usage.
    8.1.0 - Full Games Folders Auto-Detection,no more Games Folder Setup required,it's all Automated.
    8.1.0 - Auto-Move of Games folder if found inside an old manager folder is now Optional on First Run.
    8.1.0 - PS3 system version is now Auto-Detected on each Startup,not required anymore from Settings.
    8.1.0 - BD-ROM Game Dump will be stored now using the Game's Title Name instead of the Game's Title ID.
    8.1.0 - Added Grayscale effect for Split-Games in Games List (Will show them in Black/White colors).
    8.1.0 - Added a Blurry Background Effect on Games List to allow better Titles/Names readability.
    8.1.0 - New Theme used,Thanks to Opium2k for his great Themes:Rogero Manager Theme Depository
    8.1.0 - Special Thanks to Deank/multiMAN for [USB Mount] support & last minute Graphic Effects.

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    theone1982 Guest
    Sounds like a very nice release. Thx :-)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Over the weekend PS3 developer Rogero has updated his PlayStation 3 Backup Manager to version 8.2 for Waninkoko/Kmeaw and Wutangrza/Geohot PS3 Custom Firmware users.

    Download: Rogero PS3 Backup Manager v8.2

    Below are the updates from the changelog, as follows:
    • 8.2.0 - Added Games List Filtering with [L2+R2+L1] to show HDD Games, USB Games or All Games.
      (works with only one external HDD attached at a time)
    • 8.2.0 - Added Manager support for spoofing CFW versions to 3.50, 3.56 and 3.60.
    • 8.2.0 - Added [USB Mount] support for FW 3.41,now works on OFW/CFW ver 3.41 and CFW ver 3.55.
    • 8.2.0 - Added [USB Mount] support for Disk-Less loading, start game from app_home\PS3_GAME.
    • 8.2.0 - Added [USB Mount] support for spoofed CFW (3.50/3.56/3.60), now works with spoofed CFWs.
    • 8.2.0 - Added the Option to Enable/Disable "Blurring of Games List Background" from Settings.
    • 8.2.0 - Added more Optimization of the Game Copy function with some bugs fixed.
    • 8.2.0 - Changed the caching mechanism to a much optimized one resulting in an overall speed improvement.
    • 8.2.0 - Changed Auto-Fix Game's folder/files Permissions to always on,it will run auto only if needed.
    • 8.2.0 - Re-Added Fix-Permissions for the entire Games folder on internal or external drive with [L1+R3].
    • 8.2.0 - Re-Added the Option to Enable/Disable "Clear History" from Settings(per user request).
    • 8.2.0 - Re-Added the Option to select default "Game Backup Folder" internal/external from Settings.
    • 8.2.0 - Fixed the bug that prevented the manager from saving the "Animation" Setting correctly.
    • 8.2.0 - Fixed the bug with some Games "Title Name" dumped from BD-ROM that caused a problem with FTP.
    • 8.2.0 - Fixed the Game Background Image Loading Enable/Disable from Settings to allow custom themes usage.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Cevapi Guest
    My favorite backup manager! Just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter! Keep up the great work ^^

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