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Thread: Rogero PS3 Open Backup Manager v6.1 and SizeFiles App Arrives

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    Arrow Rogero Manager v8.0

    Today Rogero has updated his PS3 Open Backup Manager to version 8.0 which now includes Syscall 36 implementation among other changes detailed below followed by version 8.1 with changed HERE.

    Download: Rogero Manager v8.0 Kmeaw Waninkoko Syscall36 3.55 3.41.pkg / Rogero Manager v8.0 Kmeaw Waninkoko Syscall36 3.55 3.41.pkg / Rogero Manager v8.0 Kmeaw Waninkoko Syscall36 3.55 3.41.pkg / Rogero Manager 8.0 ELF / Rogero Manager v8.0 Wutangrza Geohot Syscall36 3.55.pkg / Rogero Manager v8.0 Wutangrza Geohot Syscall36 3.55 Stealth.pkg / Rogero Manager v8.1 Kmeaw Waninkoko 3.55 3.41.pkg / Rogero Manager v8.1 Wutangrza Geohot 3.55.pkg / Rogero Manager v8.1 ELF

    Changes in Rogero v8.0 include:

    8.0.0 - This version is Compatible with OFW3.41+Dongle/Hermes CFW3.41/CFW3.55/Kmeaw/Waninkoko.
    8.0.0 - Changed from using LV2_patcher/PL3 to Dean's implementation of Syscall36.
    8.0.0 - The Manager can be started with Disc In + USB inserted without any problems.
    8.0.0 - Updated the Payload Auto-Detection to support all types of Payloads/CFWs.
    8.0.0 - Fixed the FTP Server, FTP always on by default, login as "anonymous".
    8.0.0 - Added Auto-Fix Permissions on Game Load, can be Enabled/Disabled from Settings Menu.
    8.0.0 - Fixed the scrolling lag on D-pad Up/Down, now scrolling with any button is fluid.
    8.0.0 - "Protected Mode" now can be Enabled/Disabled by pressing [L2+R2+R3] from the Menu.
    8.0.0 - Added the option to Enable/Disable the Clean History function from Settings Menu.
    8.0.0 - Optimized the Fix-Permissions function,now it outputs the path of the folder being fixed.
    8.0.0 - Added Full Auto-Detection of the Games folder at initial Setup or from Settings Menu.
    8.0.0 - The Games folder will be moved automatically to a safer path if found necessary.
    8.0.0 - Fixed the Copy function to prevent the Abort-Copy error that was encountered by some users.
    8.0.0 - Added A Screensaver after 3 minutes of inactivity,can be Enabled/Disabled from Settings.
    8.0.0 - Simplified the Initial Setup wizard,select [Yes] on all steps for default settings.

    [imglink=|Rogero PS3 Open Backup Manager v8.0 with Syscall36 Arrives][/imglink]
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    daveshooter Guest
    Any feed back on this last one yet, anyone? Thanks in advanced PS3 News and members.

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    nicotine Guest
    will this new syscall stop lockups on ratchet and clank a crack in time?

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    kill3rvill3 Guest
    does anyone know of a way to get marvel ultimate alliance 2 working yet?

    I have tried CFW KMEAW 3.55 with previous Rogero and previous MultiMan - I will try the latest versions tonight but i thought i would ask if anyone has come across a way to get this working yet - The game is ripped to internal drive and i just get black screen after being prompted to update to latest version (which i haven't done)


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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news, good to see another manager updated almost every day, thanks Rogero for the hard work and keep it coming!

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    Tepoo Guest
    nice work, i hope with this version my problem with the controlls are fixed.

    on 7.9c i cant push R3, [] or O nothing happens. i will test this version now and see if it is fixed.

    good work.

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    StealthMode Guest
    Can't wait to try this out tonight.

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    Tepoo Guest
    works nice. very good :-)

    i only don't understand why the icon is pulsing and not showing the animation... sensless animation in my eyes.

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    StealthMode Guest
    Does this allow for the splitting of game files to be played on an external, or do I still need to transfer those to my internal drive for them to work?

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    arktos Guest
    how does this payload autodetection work? do i have to put the payload to usb?

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