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    Newbie Sk8er0Boi's Avatar
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    Jan 2009

    Rogero Manager 7.9b is Released

    Rogero Manager has been updated to version 7.9b with Auto lv2 patch functionality using the latest source of Kmeaw lv2 patcher.

    Compatible with Waninkoko/Kmeaw/Wutangrza/Geohot/3.55/3.41

    Check the changlog below:

    7.9.b - Compatible with Waninkoko/Kmeaw/Wutangrza/Geohot/3.55/3.41.
    7.9.b - Built-in the latest version of Kmeaw Payload Loader/Lv2Patcher (LV2_v5/Github 22/01/2011).
    7.9.b - lv2_Patcher startup notification with option to load custom payload from USB or Cancel loading.
    7.9.b - On each startup, cleaning of the pushlist files(patch.dat, game.dat) and the boot_history.dat file.
    7.9.b - Added built-in Fix-Permissions utility for the current selected Games folder with (L1 + R3).
    7.9.b - Added option to Enable/Disable Background Image Loading from Settings Menu (Skins possibility).
    7.9.b - Removed duplicate Names in Games List caused by wrong Games folders structure (Credits to Deank).
    7.9.b - Changed the Game Delete from [Start+Square] to only [Start] to avoid buttons conflict.
    7.9.b - Improved Copying Speed & functionality especially for games with large number of files > 1000.
    7.9.b - various bugs fixed with many functions improvement

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    Newbie vizvoz's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    all good, but then just resets.

    Any one able to help me out... Installed Geohot JB on 3.55 system: all working, Installed Rogero Manager 7.9.b: all working.

    Backed up a game: copied fine to internal HDD and removed original disc and tried to run the game, PS3 just resets.

    Any ideas what I might have done wrong or is it a Geohot JB limition at the moment?


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    Moderator PS4 News's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Rogero Manager v7.9c lv2 v5

    Rogero Manager v7.9c lv2 v5 with changelog below:

    7.9.c - Fixed the integrated Lv2_Patcher compatibility to be exactly the same as the standalone "lv2_v5.pkg".
    7.9.c - Optimized the memory management at startup to the maximum for best results with the Lv2_Patcher.
    7.9.c - Using the default PL3 payload with Disc-Less Support, some patches disabled for stable operation.
    7.9.c - Removed lV2_Patcher startup notification screen for added compatibility when loading payload.
    7.9.c - Start the Manager without any USB devices plugged-in & without Game Disc to avoid startup problems.

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    Nobody uses GeoHot JB anymore. The only thing you can do on it is run some homebrew, you can't play backups. Update to Kmeaw's Custom Firmware.

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    Newbie sev7en's Avatar
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    Aug 2006

    Thank you for the updated releases, I will try it by using my CF3.55.

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    Contributor modmate's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    That's not true mate. I do run Wutangrza geohot combination. All backups run fine. I've tried Kmeaw, but i got a lot of problems so i switch back.

    Greets Modmate

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    with last version 7.9c when i try copy my games to hd00 from my external disk e get an error... anyone can help me??

    Thanks in Advance!
    Last edited by Rapidrules; 01-27-2011 at 12:55 PM

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    Member Tepoo's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    which one of them is for a normal jailbroken ps3? o.o i'm confused.

    i use a blackcat usb board with hermes v3 payload. can i use the version 7.8?

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    Contributor Shinho's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Has anyone tried this on the 3.41 Official firmware with a Jailbreak device?

    (The reason I ask is because I am unable to test this on my own machine, as I am currently away from home)

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    Member Tepoo's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    i use a blackcat board with 3.41 jailbreak and hermes v3 with 3.55 spoof.. and the 7.8 version works fine for me.

    very nice backup manager.


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