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    Apr 2005


    Some more Rogero updates and changelogs:
    Rogero Manager v7.2:

    1- Payload Auto-Detection method improved for best compatibility.

    2- Patching is now used only with Peek/Poke supported Payloads (Psgroove1.1/Hermes)
    and turned off for other Payloads (PL3 / Psgroove 1.0)

    3- Dynamic Patching Improved to support more games like "Medal of honor"

    4- Games which requires PS3 SOFTWARE version newer then 3.41 will have the PARAM.SFO file patched automatically and outputs a message for the user about it.
    Rogero Manager v7.3:

    1- Check for PS3_SYSTEM_VER and displays it next to the Payload type on the GUI.

    2- Check the PARAM.NFO version if newer then current PS3_SYSTEM_VER used & auto-patch it to match the PS3_SYSTEM_VER (Useful for 3.01/3.10/3.15 FW users & for games > 3.41)

    3- Auto-Search for the Games folder on first boot & allows the user to choose the Games folders for both HDD and USB with ability to change them anytime from GUI.

    4- New Game Delete-Mode protection, allows for Enable/Disable game deletion from settings menu/GUI.

    5- New Help/Settings Menu to View/Change settings at will from GUI or from options/ini file.

    6- Remember user settings from previous session.

    7- Removed free space for Game Disc from devices list that was always showing as 0.

    8- Fixed Background loading problem in case of no games available at startup.

    9- Added notification sound ( @ Boot, @ Patch-Mode On )

    10- Clears history of loaded games from the PS3 Flash at each boot.

    11- Enable Remote-Play attribute in PARAM.SFO for all games.

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    Apr 2005


    Another update and bugfix from Rogero:

    v7.4 + Fix Changelog:

    1- Specific Game.ini settings file for each Title, the manager will remember the last settings saved for each game played.(3 parameters are stored: Patched, Direct-Boot and BR-Disc Required)

    2- user-error monitoring,the manager won't allow the usage of [Direct-boot] with [BR-Disc Required] together and will turn one setting automatically when triggered.

    3- FTP server re-added to the manager,can be Enabled/Disabled from the Settings Menu(L2+R2+Start) but still not stable.

    4- PS3 IP address shown in device list, also Time/Date added to the Gui.

    5- Game Icon and Game Background Animation effects added, both can be Enabled/Disabled separately from the Settings Menu. (Credits goes here to Deanrr for his excellent graphic coding)

    6- some Graphic fixes (Transparancy effect) and Code management.

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    Apr 2005


    Rogero Manager version 7.5 update:

    Changelog for v.7.5:

    - PS3_SYSTEM_VERSION detection improved + user confirmation on first boot.
    - Games Folder detection improved + different path options added for all user-needs.
    - Settings can be changed from Settings Menu Directly (L2+R2+START method removed)
    - Added option to Disable Sound in the Settings wizard/Menu.
    - Fixed Game Background image size to perfectly match GUI.
    - Check/Patch PARAM.SFO much more stable now with the option to RESTORE anytime with [L1+START].
    - Check Games Eboot.bin file permissions & Auto-fix/notify if needed on Game load.
    - Added check/notify about BR-Disc not present when loading games with non Peek-Poke payloads.
    - Added check/notify about BR-Disc not present when loading games with Disc-Required flag SET.
    - Current Game Selection won't change now when BR-Disc is inserted/removed.
    - Update from version 7.4 to 7.5 is recommended because of un-stability problems with v7.4.

    Note: Version 7.5 contained a bug in the Patching function for the Games which require newer system versions (3.42/3.50) and which will lead to the error "80028F14" when loading the patched game.

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    Apr 2005
    Some more Rogero Manager updates and changelogs, as follows:

    7.7.0 - Direct_Boot Mode bug fixed, some code cleanup.
    7.7.0 - Stealth version now uses another Title ID that won't conflict with any known game

    7.6.0 - Added a Function [L1+SQUARE] to Fix corrupted SFO files by the previous version/error "80028F14".
    7.6.0 - Added a Stealth version of the Manager to be used Online for safer operation(BLES01031/CODBO)
    7.6.0 - SFO file patching fixed to work with all games & changed from Automatic to Optional.
    7.6.0 - Fixed a bug that caused "sfo" patched games to start sometimes in PATCH-MODE.
    7.6.0 - [PS3_SYSTEM_VERSION] detection compatibility fixed for all Payloads.
    7.6.0 - Permissions-Fix function changed from Automatic to Optional.
    7.6.0 - Added a new path for the Games folder [/dev_hdd0/game/GAIA01985/BDRIPS].
    7.6.0 - Last Game Played/Selected will be saved & selected by default on next run.
    7.6.0 - Patch-Mode/Direct-boot/Disc-Required options Disabled when Original Game is selected.
    7.6.0 - Free available Space on HDD is now checked before copying starts to avoid PS3 freezing problem.
    7.6.0 - Fixed a bug that sometimes showed an Empty Games List after Original Game is ejected.

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    newpoyo Guest
    i'm kinda confused... but can i download this, put it in a pendrive and install it on my ps3 fw 3.50?

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, it's just like any other Open Manager... you will need a JailBroken PS3 to use it.

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    Apr 2005


    Another Rogero Manager update with source code and changelog:

    7.8.0 - New Protected Mode to lock Games pre-defined settings & Copy/Delete functions.
    7.8.0 - Scrolling Functions fixed to have a 100% smooth scrolling.
    7.8.0 - Added Page UP/Page Down using D-Pad Left/Right Buttons.
    7.8.0 - Fixed White Background for game titles that don't have the Pic1.png file.
    7.8.0 - Cache folder files will be deleted during setup to remove previous white Backgrounds.
    7.8.0 - Added "dev_hdd0/BDRIPS" & "dev_usb0/BDRIPS" to path options/Gaia Manager compatibility.
    7.8.0 - Show the Number of total Games available on the GUI.
    7.8.0 - Changed the BR-Required option from "Triangle" to "Square" button.
    7.8.0 - Re-Added the Exit option with the "Triangle" button.
    7.8.0 - New XMB Icon.
    7.8.0 - Various bugs fixed.
    7.8.0 - Removed the Stealth version from the package / not useful anymore.

    Also below is a version compatible with Waninkoko's PS3 CFW 3.55.

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    Apr 2005

    Rogero Manager v7.9a Waninkoko Kmeaw AutoPatch OFW3.41 CFW3.55 And Stealth ID

    Rogero Manager v7.9a Waninkoko Kmeaw AutoPatch OFW3.41 CFW3.55 And Stealth ID:


    7.9.a - Compatible with Kmeaw or Waninkoko 3.55 CFW, and 3.41 OFW.
    7.9.a - Built-in the latest version of Kmeaw Payload Loader / Lv2 Patcher.
    7.9.a - Startup check to load Payload only if it's not already in memory.
    7.9.a - Option to load Payload.bin file from USB directly into memory.
    7.9.a - More Games List scrolling improvement.
    7.9.a - Added Stealth package for safer usage with PSN.
    7.9.a - Patch Mode will show on GUI as "Disabled" if not supported by the Payload

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    ih8Jelsoft Guest
    Thanks for the up, boss!

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    krayziebone99 Guest
    what does this stealth id do?

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