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    opium2k Guest

    Rogero Manager themes by opium2k

    This is my thread for Rogero Manager themes. All themes come in easy to install .pkg files. Every theme in this list is compatible with version 8.3 and below with the exception of RT-150 (Dark 3D) which is only compatible with version 8.3

    If pictures aren't your thing then feel free to check out some of the videos I made HERE: http://www.youtube.com/my_playlists?p=C197F442FDAFEBEB

    Most (but not all) of my Rogero Manager themes are shown in this video:

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    opium2k Guest
    RT-150 (Dark 3D)


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    opium2k Guest

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    opium2k Guest

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    opium2k Guest

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    opium2k Guest

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    opium2k Guest
    RT-Desaturation (black and white)

    RT-Saturation (full color)

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    opium2k Guest

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    opium2k Guest

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    opium2k Guest
    RT-Sonic 1

    RT-Sonic 2

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