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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You only can use Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP to upgrade from Rogero 3.55 Downgrader RSOD.PUP. Sadly REBUG 3.55.4 REX PS3UPDAT.PUP and other's simply doesn't work. So take the V3.7 and be happy.

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    ppr2012 Guest
    so will this also work on rebug 4.21 flawlessly to downgrade or i have to use rebug downgradeable pup....

  3. #13
    jensen76 Guest
    PUP for any PS3 CFW Version Back to 3.55

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    marujp Guest
    cool news

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    Catag Guest

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    imkaspa Guest
    my ps3 is rogero 4.40 v1.03 but i get black screen when i open a homebrew & my disk drive is broke, will this fix black screen?

  7. #17
    rayan2050 Guest
    homebrew cannot be launched with broken bd drive

  8. #18
    daveshooter Guest
    I also have the same issue with a PS3 with no BD drive at all, running rogero 4.40 v1.03. So I have started to play with cloning my PS3's again, just for the games side I mean. (In a nutshell creating my games to PKG's installing them on a modded Ps3 then data transferring to the PS3 without the BD drive. It also works on an fully updated none modded PS3, with some games, which is nice. )

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    imkaspa Guest
    i have bought a new disk drive from ebay but how can i fix the black screen thanks

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    wisconsin1000 Guest

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