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Thread: RFOM Exploit possible?

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    HackITandC Guest

    RFOM Exploit possible?

    - When you play "resistance - fall of man" and put on pause during the game
    - then replace the blue ray by another game (wait few seconds)
    - then "quit and save", the system will boot the other game possibly avoiding the update firmware control.

    Have checked with copy of ps2 games and dvd different zone. It does not play but the system shows the dvd content when it doesn't normally.. I havent got any out of region ps3 games to try. Can you guys try this with different methods and see how we get on

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    eternal Guest
    Sounds interesting, although you would assume the drive would refresh the TOC once a new disk has been inserted.

    Worth playing around with though.

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    HackITandC Guest
    The main thing is it gets us BACK to the xmb from within a game! it does not reset the controller etc and it allows us to swap a game (similar to hot swap etc) without ejecting. Hopefully together we can make something of this?

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    HackITandC Guest
    That is also interesting BUT i dont think fony would give us anything for nothing! But maybe it will help us The good thing is the rfom lets you do it without upgrading to v2.00

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    MrXToTheN Guest

    PS3 Square Button

    It does not play but the system shows the dvd content when it doesn't normally
    how do you mean that? I tested your method on my PAL PS3 and whenever I quit the game as you stated I just get a black screen of death.

    What I did:

    1. I pressed START in-game
    2. I exchanged the r:fom bluray disc with another game (motorstorm)
    3. I waited till the disc was initiated
    4. I chose "Quit and save"
    5. I only got a black screen (in it, the PS Button isn't reacting)

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    HackITandC Guest
    PAL rfom might be the problem?, it works fine with US rfom (which need 1.32 fw).

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    MrXToTheN Guest
    I don't think it's the game. Maybe it's that I have a PAL console or that I have firmware 1.70.

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    yhous Guest

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    I can confirm it works on my setup. I have a US NTSC PS3 firmware 1.10.

    -I load USA RFOM.. (the US version of this game loads on firmware 1.10... start game then pause (in game).
    -Hit eject and put in Motorstorm PAL version (which normally requires firmware 1.50 - I have been unable to load this game on this console before... was reluctant to update to 1.50)
    -Press Save and quit... and my motorstorm loads!

    Great find.. Thanks very much. I can stay at v1.10 for a while longer

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    HackITandC Guest
    There you go guys hows that for a start. PS I'm still awaiting some dev access

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    gitsuga Guest

    PAL PS3 with 1.50fw

    Ive tested this with a PAL PS3 with 1.50fw and it doesn't work too.

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