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  1. #31
    Mycroft9x Guest
    Does this rofm exploit work with the latest PS3 firmware..1.7 I think?

  2. #32
    alvthebest Guest
    The bug works in F1 Championship in all fw versions, 1.7 too.

  3. #33
    Duff Man Guest
    hey hackITandC - i'm sorry if i seemed insulting, i thought i chose my words carefully, but alas let me explain.

    The rfom (your discovery) is awesome, and i said so a few pages back, but my comments were directed to the full auto possible exploit, after also reading F1 also works.

    now my concern is this, it seems that people are confusing the fact that you can exit a game and load another game, which F1 has to be (it's on 1.7 fw) how could it NOT run the game... there is no way of knowing if it's actually bypassing anything (unless it runs a backup)

    so that is my concern and again sorry if you thought i was being too critical...

  4. #34
    Mycroft9x Guest
    Also got access to a BD burner, if anyone knows a good program to use to try and burn a backup, I will give it a shot.

  5. #35
    profycy2k Guest
    just a quick break down, i insert rfom.. it loads up, i am now in gameplay mode. i hit pause, i then swap the disc via eject to another ps3 game, i then hold down the ps button, i then select quit game and the swapped game should load up. thats the process right?!

  6. #36
    Duff Man Guest
    hey GamingStation, i have a pal ps3 1.6 fw - when i hit start in rfom i get 4 options -

    save and quit

    however i can only theorise but slecting quit should do the same thing (fingers crossed for your sake) because basically you are asking the game to access info on the disc which it no longer can

  7. #37
    HackITandC Guest
    Step by step.

    1) load up rfom and PLAY game
    2) push start (pause)
    3) change disc (wait 5/10 seconds)
    4) choose save & quit from menu

    Your game should now load

    Might have some GROUND BREAKING news soon, BUT i dont want to risk killing my ps3 in the trial

  8. #38
    anonymous666 Guest
    Mine is NTSC JP machine fw 1.60, doesnt work with PAL RFOM but works with PAL F1.

    I am able to play PAL NBA2K7 (doesnt work before because of PAL restriction) via this method..

  9. #39
    Duff Man Guest
    ok now we're really cooking - i was under the impression that there were no region locks on ps3 games, but apparantly i'm wrong....

    this is getting exciting....

  10. #40
    profycy2k Guest
    okay i tried it with the demo and it doesnt work, i was pretty sure it wouldnt but thought id try.

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