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    pal 1.6 vegas works fine with swap, lower might work but i can't say for sure


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    i just got another copy of rainbow six vegas US/NTCS, this one requires 1.70 again. still doesn't work with my 1.32 NTCS US firmware.

    is there a way to find out what firmware a game is needed to play by looking at the outside of the box? or is the only way to find out is to insert the darn game inside the ps3?

    any info on this would help as i am still going crazy with my issue

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    There is no way to know without putting the game in the PS3 or dumping the disc image and checking it in BRDGen to my knowledge.

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    Wow, this thread is humongous. Has anyone compiled a list of which games work to swap yet?

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    i have played rb6 vegas with firmware 1.5.

    you should compile a list for us justin.

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    There is a list already of which Firmware is required for which games linked here:

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    i think he was saying a list of which games work with which swap method. it dont really matter though as its easyer to just try the swap.

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    just got the pal version of folklore works with the swap trick on my pal console with 1.5. if any one is interested.


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    NTSC Folklore works with RFOM fw:1.5 as well

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    Does PES 2008 work with the exploit, will buy for the PS2 version instead as i don't want to shoot myself in the foot for future homebrews

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