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Thread: RFOM Exploit possible?

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    B4tm4n Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by epl View Post
    why dont you people use the TIFF exploit
    Would you care to elaborate on this "TIFF exploit".

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    seminolecounty Guest
    Anyone try LAIR via RFOM Swap? what firmware is needed?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest

    Question Heavenly Sword ... ?

    Any of happy new owners of (PAL) Heavenly Sword tested the swap method yet? Mine should be delivered (hopefully) today so I'll report back at the evening once I'll get home but till then if someone already tired that please let us know ...

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    MIKEG2006 Guest
    Anyone tried Colin Mcrae Rally: Dirt yet?

    If I find out and its not been posted then I will let you guys know

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    brumbrum40 Guest

    Tiff Exploit and RFOM problem

    Hey guys ^^

    i have a problem with the Tiff exploit.. my problem are i can´t switch my games.

    first im on a 1.5 PAL (germany) firmware

    i insert ridge racer 7 or F1 (PAL region code 2 ) in the ps3
    then i insert a usb stick or an memory stick with the exploit on it
    next "open" the exploit (the icon is blinking in the right of the ps3 menu)
    i wait 30 seconds than go to the game thing and start ridge racer or f1
    the game starts but hangs not on its booting normal -.-

    then i tested it with motor storm
    motor storn hangs on in the ps3 menü (not a black screen its in the menü after pressing x to start the game)
    i switched it with heavenly sword that request fw 1.82 (im on 1.5)
    then my screen tels me that the resolution go from 1080p (ps3 menu)
    on 720p (max for heavenly sword) (so he starts the game)
    but 2 seconds later it goes without a failure in the ps3 menu

    also the R:FOM method doesent work -.-

    what is this i need help i won´t update but i will play heavenly sword -.-

    btw the heavenly sword is the uk one with region code 2 so i will swap regioncode2 PAL German with regioncode2 PAL UK

    can any one help me ? and sorry for my bad english

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    Subby Guest
    Re Colin McRae Dirt - doesn't appear to work

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    GrandpaHomer Guest

    Thumbs Down

    I can confirm that the Heavenly Sword unfortunately does NOT work with R:FOM swap. (both games and console PAL, version 1.50) ...

    If anyone managed to successfully (or not) use any of the remaining swap trick please report back in here.

    Looks like $ony managed to plug another hole.

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    kin0kin Guest
    Earlier I was playing with the swap with some of my games. Somehow, I managed to get NBA07's data file to show FEAR, but the problem is it still doesn't load the game. I deleted the data file and tried recreating it but to no avail. I only remember actually going into a quick game, swap the disc, then quit the game. The game just hangs but the data files got updated to FEAR's icon for some reasons... is it possible that NBA can also be used to swap games?

    I'm on 1.31 US ps3.

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    labonte Guest
    Hey Did Anyone Get Heavenly Sword To Work with R:FOM swap On 1.50 US Ps3 Thanks

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    carapalida Guest
    i know it has been over a month since i posted about this issue... and to be honest i have been searching around but i still haven't found a lot of info on this... i need to know info on getting rainbow six vegas working on a PS3 with the resistance swap trick?

    i read enomerous posts of people saying it did work... but half of them lack to tell me what version of rainbow six did they try with? what firmware was requested?

    my problem is that i had played both NTCS call of duty 3 as well as fear (which i remember required 1.54 firmware for sure) on my NTCS US PS3 with firmware 1.31 and it worked fine with this resistance trick.

    i then purchased NTCS rainbow six vegas which requires 1.72 to play and this trick doesn't work anyomre even after i delete the data folder and i never get the update folder... so i can't really delete that.

    does anyone know WHICH firmware verison of rainbow 6 vegas work with this trick? PAL or NTSC

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