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Thread: RFOM Exploit possible?

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    pocyion Guest

    Pal Ps3 FW 1.6

    I have tested this with a pal ps3 with firmware 1.6 and I can confirm this works!

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    Duff Man Guest
    i'm a little curious - i thought the point was to be able to play back up or different region games, although i'm under the impression that ps3 games aren't region locked anyway. as long as your tv is doing HD or supports pal/ntsc then it will work anyway.

    so until someone with a backup blu-ray disc can get it to load, that will be cool

    hey pocyion, what are you confirming works? swapping a legit game for another legit game works? or that it crashes the system? cause apparantly in fw 1.1 it will allow you to load motostorm - which is awesome news - but does it crash fw 1.6?

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    pocyion Guest
    I was confirming that it did load the swapped legit game. I swapped RFoM for Oblivion, which it did load on 1.6fw

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    robertr728 Guest
    gonna have to rent a game that requires more than 1.5 firmware and give this a try. could be interesting.

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    r67s Guest
    I have tested this on NTSC PS3 FW1.31. I swapped RfoM with Virtual Tennis 3 (U.S.), which wouldn't load before (VT3 says it needed 1.32 or later). I can now finally play my VT3, which was collecting dust!

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    Apr 2005
    Added to the Site News update, and +50 credits to HackITandC!

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    Duff Man Guest
    ok so we're getting somewhere - it can allow people with older firmware to play later games - great start - now surely someone has a blu-ray burner - see where i'am going with this?

    (lets try a backup game!!!)

    ps - this method on a pal 1.6 - did NOT let me boot unlimited saga (ps2 NTSC USA) said disc was region locked

    for snitzandgiggles i'm gonna burn vt3 to a dvd (it's 4.47gig) see if it does anything...

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    ModderFokker Guest
    I tried a Full Auto 2 backup and burned it to a regular dvd+r (as i have no bluray writer ) and tried the method provided by HackITandC but it didnt work...

    Ps3 1.5 Pal

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    HackITandC Guest
    Guys heres another update from a 'tester': "that’s awesome!!! The whole thing is working perfectly – my fault didn’t read your post correctly. Instead of pressing “save and quit” in game menu I was pressing PS button and leaving game! So I can confirm that loophole in Fall of Man is working, at least on my setup: PAL PS 3 with FW 1.51. Couldn’t play Scrolls of Oblivion – requires 1.54 upgrade, but when done through Fall of Man works superb. THANKS!!!"

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    Thats a great find HackItandC, ive been holding out on buying Oblivion for my 1.50 PAL PS# and now i can go out and get it


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