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    Quote Originally Posted by pngo View Post
    Starting the game gives me a black screen
    I tried doing this aswell and got a black screen and then the whole PS3 just crashes.

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    Lightbulb decrypting the retail EBOOT?

    Well since the full sdk was leaked, wouldn't it be a good idea to come up with a program that has a basic gui and is able to decrypt the retail eboots using the liblvl2.sprx by loading any retail EBOOT into the memory and then decrypting the elf and dumping the memory, or the elf , onto a flash drive; thus causing the elf to be decrypted and possibly using the sdk to make a "fake npdrm" debug EBOOT, allowing the game to be ran from the hard drive.


    creating a EBOOT that acts as a wrapper for the retail. Meaning that you would create a debug ELF that acts as a bd_dvd0 emulator, then loads the retail EBOOT into memory without the disc being in...

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    I had a similar idea. But my thoughts were just starting the game and make a complete mem dump using the peek syscall from the updated jailbreak payload.

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    how would we do a complete memory dump of the game if its not in the retail EBOOT "code" to dump..? create a wrapper?

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    I'm going to close this for now, as this section is only for Debug PS3 consoles... not Retail to Debug or vice-versa. If you wish to discuss the SDK there is a thread in the PS3 hacks section for that and also one in the PS3 Dev section for payload discussion.

Closed Thread
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