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    cfwprophet Guest
    I'm playing arround with making PKG´s since a few days and have found out some things by my owen.Like you will need a package.conf containing some infos to be able to use make_package_npdrm (like: Content_ID,K_Licensee,ect.,) but im stuck with getting the EBOOT.BIN into the pkg.

    If made the EBOOT.BIN with make_fself_npdrm but when i pack the whole thing the app wont include the EBOOT.BIN too.Everything else is in there,Pic,SFO,ect., but not the EBOOT.BIN.And the tool says something about that a least 1 NPDRM file is needed to include the EBOOT.BIN.

    Today ive installed SUSE on VM and will set up the SDK on the Linux sys tomorrow.By the way i dono know if Hellcats SFO Editor is so good as it seems.I made some comparison between Hellcats and Sonys official SFO Editor and im pretty sure that the Tool from Sony would be better to use for this project.You can also set the SFO for a HDD Bootgame if you use the Sonys SFO Editor.

    Have to turn off the comp because the womans sleep in the same room.But i will take the pc and bring it into the kitchen and will work the whole night.Mayby i can provide something good tommorrow

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by imtoodvs View Post
    the hard part has been done, the .pkg file was made last night. the only road block im having now is hex editing the Eboot. the game installs as a hdd game but, after it runs the ps3 recognizes it as GD (game data) instead of HG (hdd game).
    Make sure in the SFO you made that the SFO is set for a "HG" vs "GD" via a hex editor!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Ok get some time to be on the net and i have downloaded the PAIN.pkg and have simply un- and repacked it.But the tool dont include the EBOOT.BIN.You can see this when you give a comparison to the size of the PKG´s from the pics below.

    I will try the whole thing on SUSE and report back.

    AT imtoodvs
    Do you use Win or Suse?And youre sure that the EBOOT.BIN is within the repacked PKG file?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I cant run the apps on SUSE.Something wrong.Even as SU the apps dont work for me.

    Must i install something like eclipse or so do be able to work with that apps?Im using SUSE 11.2.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Ok got it: The app wont include a EBOOT.BIN but if you rename it to EBOOT.SELF it will include the file into our .PKG.After you have packed your game and unpack it again it is still a EBOOT.SELF and not a .BIN.But in case the EBOOT.BIN is a .SELF im guess it should work.Would be fine if some one will test this.

    The package.conf file:
    You need a file called package.conf to configure the PKG of the game.It looks like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Content_ID is the ID you want to use for your PKG.
    K_License is a random Value.
    Im not sure about DRMType but i think its used to make a game/data copy able (free) or only to use for your console (local).
    Content_Type is for me everytime set to "GameData" - couldnt find out how to set.
    Package_Version is the version you want to use.

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    randalf Guest



    I tested with the same pkg that you, (pain.pkg), and it was not necessary to change the name of EBOOT.BIN by EBOOT.SELF.
    EBOOT.BIN it will include the file into our .pkg, as you rightly say it includes the app this file,not that does not work for you,it is possible to operate in one way or another.

    A note on package.conf:

    DRM type.

    "Local" for content sold through the PLAYSTATION®Store, with charge.
    "Free" for demo and trial versions.

    content type.
    "GameData" for game data
    "GameExec" for HDD boot games.

    k_licensee as a hexadecimal string beginning with 0x
    For example; k_license PAIN.PKG is: 0x5C2B91F749ED6F9B05255F8E1AF6AAF0

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    imtoodvs Guest
    make sure you use all capital letters, i had that problem. i kept getting a unknown extension error because i made it EBOOT.bin instead of EBOOT.BIN

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Thx to randalf for the content type info.It was late for me and i forgot to use make_package_npdrm pain.pkg to see the config of the game ^^

    and to imtoodvs as you can see on the one picture - it is called "EBOOT.BIN".

    But i find it out.After unpacking i delated the name and named it back to EBOOT.BIN and it worked.
    Now the EBOOT.BIN is included.I dont get it why this happen but main thing is that after renaming to the same name as before now it works.

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    imtoodvs Guest
    Honestly, i did the same thing & didn't think it mattered. i made an EBOOT.SELF, then renamed it to EBOOT.BIN. the only problem i have now is that the ps3 still knows its a game data eboot.

  10. #20
    cfwprophet Guest
    Hmm... the SFO will be set to HDD Boot Game and the package.conf set to "Content_Type=GameExec"?

    If Yes something with the name of the Root Folder of game or wrong path hexedited in the eboot?

    Or download pain.pkg to give a comparison.

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