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Thread: Region free bluray movies

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    econd Guest

    Smile Region free bluray movies


    im going overseas soon and i found out blurays are region coded and i want to know is there a code, crack, patch, mod, update etc to play any region of movies??

    Thank you

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    Nothing yet, PS3 games are regionfree but movies for the most part are localized only thus far.

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    residentour Guest
    Here is the region list for blurays:

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    IanJ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by residentour View Post
    Here is the region list for blurays:
    Link doesn't seem to work

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    carbs Guest

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    econd Guest
    Hey guys,

    Thank you all for the support to gather if it is possible to view other regions.. well all i hope now is that someday it will be leaked!!

    but also i was thinking.. cant you load up linux such as yellowdog or windows, install power dvd or win dvd and download a region free software such as.. bdregionregistry so you can change the region over 64000 times? that could be the only way ?

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    IanJ Guest
    until someone comes up with a hack check this link for region info:

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