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    Apr 2005

    Red Dead Redemption PS3 Free XP Glitch Exploit Surfaces

    Update: As confirmed by KRaZE HERE, Rockstar has now fixed the Red Dead Redemption PS3 Free XP Glitch Exploit.

    Today Gamerzines.com (linked above) reported on a Red Dead Redemption PS3 'Free XP' glitch exploit that has surfaced to plague Rockstar's open world action-adventure Western video game.

    When traveling to the various gang hideouts on the map, although finding the enemies won't spawn, users are currently receiving a "Hideout Complete" message and being awarded with Free XP.

    Of course, some players are exploiting this Red Dead Redemption PS3 glitch as follows, to quote:

    "Those looking to exploit such a glitch, will be able to continually select 'Replay' on the Personal Stats screen, and begin to quickly rank their character in a matter of minutes.

    Keep doing so, and you'll be able to whizz your way righ up to level 50, unlocking all weapons, steeds etc on the way."

    Below is a clip of the Red Dead Redemption PS3 glitch exploit in action, courtesy of red8316!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    red8316 Guest
    Confirmed working :-)

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    Apr 2005
    Ha, nice! That said, it probably won't be long before Rockstar fixes it in an update patch, eh?

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    red8316 Guest
    LOL no doubt. Vid clip of the glitch in action, done to verify glitch.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by red8316 View Post
    LOL no doubt. Vid clip of the glitch in action, done to verify glitch.
    Props for the clip red8316, I added it to the first post and +Rep!

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    red8316 Guest
    As of now it does not seem to be working. However, I noticed calling your horse would not work leading up to the video in the post. Later, the horse was intermittent. Finally the horse would come after some time had passed IRL. From that point on the hideouts would be manned. However, they would be manned by say only 2 or 3 members in some cases. Also, in the clip the hideout was approached on foot, not on horse, if that has anything to do with gang members being there or not.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Yeah, I played tonight and it didn't work for me as well. No free EXP anyway. But I did do the Co-Op games and on one of the games (Mexican Army battle). None of them spawned in the game. So we just ran and blew up the objective. We got 3 trophies for doing so, lol.

    Will mess around with it more later on today. It's 3am now....

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    Raze1988 Guest
    Hmm, I went to Nosalida but the enemies spawn

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    killaLK Guest
    so... is it just this exact gang hideout or will it work with others as well?... i'm @ work kinda wanna know before i go home... anything helps thanks in advance... if knowone knows i'll try when i get home...

    also is there a certian time of day how many ppl must be in room that type of thing?

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    heartagram62 Guest
    Its working, but its boring levelling up this way. Glad I was already at level 50, I may use this to get a couple of legendary ranks.

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