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    Same as above, but it was my own fault as I did not read the warning posts until it was to late, but I did fix it with an E3 reader.

    On another note, I would recommend anyone having a downgrade dongle, just in case you do brick your ps3.

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    it work just fine as it says... why i use this and many other user and why this is good..

    simple user like me with kids need software like this ..we sit not all the time with over kids when they are playing games...

    its always good to have safety like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonSurfer View Post
    Be careful though seriously i bricked my PS3 slim 250gig with the 3.60 spoofer.
    How ? It's just a install package.

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    Its what the package dose above that bricked his ps3, Its not the package itself or the user, its the way it spoof's the system by renaming rather than replacing I believe, and this sometimes corrupts the drive when you change or un install the spoof or change any settings in your xmb after you have installed the spoof but not done a power down.

    A system reset is always a good thing before installing apps like this and one after if you remove it me thinks

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    hi guys, i need a bit of help please as i am new to all this, i did not know what i am doing. i have jailboken my ps3. it was on FW 3.61 and patched with 3.66.

    i am trying to find a CFW I think it is. i am trying to set up a FTP server from my pc to the ps3. please can some one help.

    thanks in advance

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