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    Rowin Dincht Guest

    Quick Debug Questions...

    I hope I am not posting these questions in the wrong place, I checked some of the threads here and there, and some of the sticky posts, but I needed a bit more clarification since I got ahold of a 60GB TEST.

    1. I wanted to move all of my data from my PS3 Slim to my PS3 Test, but is that even possible since it's two different types of firmware? (Debug on Test, Retail on Slim. Both are 3.15). I was messing around with trying to do this earlier, but I wasn't able to even get the consoles to see each other since it constantly kept asking for a Ethernet Connection to be made between the two (tried 3 different types of cables connected to the PS3's) and it still wouldn't see them.

    2. I was also reading up a bit here that if I wanted to install demo's from the store on the test, I would need to switch from sp-int to np, which I have already done. But I am a bit confused. On some threads it mentions you having to downgrade to 2.80 or 1.60, install the demo's then re-upgrade to the latest firmware. On others it mentions you having to be in a certain developers mode then install. So even though I could try and do one or the other, I wanted to ask which one specifically works, in fear of me messing up my console.

    I apologize if my questions are a bit noobish or have already been asked before.


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    CJPC Guest
    1. Alas, you can not transfer data from a retail -> test, and vice-versa

    2. You have it close, switch over to NP, downgrade to say 1.50, install the package and then upgrade. No need for special modes, just make sure you swap sp-int over to np. Of course, I'd check sp-int first, you might get lucky!

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