Following up on his previous ports, today PlayStation 3 developer Samson ported the PSP homebrew game Quake Arena Arcade to the PS3 entertainment system.

Download: Quake Arena Arcade (68 MB)

To quote: Hay guys, I've been toying for the past two weeks with this little PSP homebrew game Quake Arena Arcade porting it to the ps3 and giving my usual spit and polish shine.

  • Uses Retroarch's Tyrquake core.
  • Auto-boots from XMB (RetroXMB)
  • Added new background image and icon.
  • A more visable red crosshair.
  • A 3 pass curved tv boarder shader setup. (reduce to two passes if you want fullscreen)
  • In game music

Sources / Credits:
  • RetroArch Quake Git (
  • Quake 1: Arena
  • In Game Music
  • RetroXMB

Update: Also below from samson is a Z-Blast PS1 homebrew game PKG file and source code with details, as follows:

Download: Z-Blast.pkg / ps1_ZBlast (bin-cue).rar / zblast-1.3-psx.tar.gz

To quote: Hay buddy’s nice place. I’ve not done anything in ages so I found this nice retro shooter on the net did a quick run through RetroXMB creator and its nice to share

ZBlast 1.3 for the PlayStation console is a simple but fairly manic shoot-em-up. Ported by nextvolume in 2010 using the PSXSDK. Original game by Russell Marks.


The idea is this: Shoot everything. The whole lot. No messing. Your ship (the funny-looking green thing) is at the bottom of the screen/window. You can move left, right, up and down within the lower half of the screen/window. You can shoot (two shots at a time).

You can also shoot a kind-of wave of shots (described hereon in as a PDC, or Power DisCharge – tacky eh?) to help satisfy your genocidal tendancies. The PDCs are in limited supply, the standard shots are not.

When the bad guys explode, the green bits that fly in different directions (and flashing lines) aren’t harmful. Neither are the ‘stars’ (uh, dots) in the background. Just about everything else is. When your ship is blue however, it cannot be harmed. This happens whenever you have just lost energy, i.e. when you’ve just been hit.

You start with 30 energy points. If you lose no energy in a wave you get 10 extra energy points. If you lose less than ten energy points in a wave you get an extra PDC.

There are additional bonuses for finishing levels (a level is a group of five waves). If you run out of energy points the game is over.

No sound but if you start through MultiMAN in game xmb background music works. Enjoy!

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