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    and what about having two PS3 hard drives? one with Jailbreak and Backup Manager, and the one wich cames with the console intact? What i want to mean is ff it's possible to whenever i want to play original games and go to PSN to play online or so, i use the original hdd...and then if i want to play backups i swap the hdd for a different one with jailbreak and backup manager... In this case it would be possible to always update our original hdd with the newest firmware and use the second hdd with 3.41?

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    The problem is, afaik, the firmware doesn't install on the hdd. prolly on some flash mem inside the ps3. Think of it as BIOS perhaps?

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    Taken from youtube explaining what to do if the console won't start... And the good news is that you don't need to go online and download the latest version (3.42) because you an always download the 3.41 version from other sites...

    "NOTE: When you start up the system for the first time with the new hard drive installed, you'll get a message saying "The system software cannot be run correctly". Don't panic.

    Here's what you must do: Get a USB memory stick, put it into your computer. On that USB stick, create a folder and name it PS3 (with all caps like that). Then, make another folder within the PS3 folder and name that UPDATE.

    Go to the Sony website and find the latest firmware update, which is currently 3.0. It's easy to find on the website. Then simply download it into the UPDATE folder. Once that is done, take the memory stick out and pop it into your PS3. Then press and hold the START and SELECT buttons at the same time on the controller and the system will locate the update! From there it's all straight forward."

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    I'm not quite sure about the internal hd on the ps3. Could i save some games on the 150gb internal hd, then pull that hd out and hook it up to my pc and transfer all the data from that 150gb hd to an internal 250gb hd also hooked up to my pc, then take that 250gb hd and put it in the ps3 and would it be just like my 150 hd that WAS in there, but now only bigger?

    Or does everything transfer over except the games?

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    Hey guys.. just wondering if there are any homebrew apps available yet? I know it will probably be way off, but i'm desperately hoping someone will make a media player or something that can play .mkv files.

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    thanks for the post.. so what i need to play downloaded game is a USB board to jailbreak my PS3 and also an external HDD with FAT32 format, am i right?

    Is it as simple as:
    1. JB PS3 using the USB board
    2. Download the games online by some release group and copy to the FAT32 HDD.
    3. Play??


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    1. JB PS3 using the USB board
    2. install manager
    3. Download the games online by some release group and copy to the FAT32 HDD OR FTP to internal drive.
    4. Play.

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    For the most part, yes. Just make sure that the release group image is itself a Jailbroken release...meaning that they ripped it using the Jailbreak. Any releases that were released pre-Jailbreak (or came out more than six weeks ago, for example) have EBOOT.BINs with their disc-layer encryption still intact.

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    Any knowledge about where to move the games over 4gig to on the internal HDD like the directory and folder? as the Backup-Manager DOES NOT restore to internal even if you ask it to via prompt.

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    Could anyone tell me if PS JailBreak works with original 60GB PS3s running 3.15 firmware?

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