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    PUPXtractor v0.3 - PUP Unpacker for PS3 is Now Available

    Although it's been quite awhile since his previous update, French developer Ac_K has now updated PUPXtractor to version 0.3 for Sony's PS3 entertainment system.

    Download: PUPXtractor v0.3 for PS3 / PUPXtractor v0.3 for PS3 [Mirror] / .NET Framework 3.5

    Below are the changelog and details, roughly translated:

    - HMAC SHA-1 Added.
    - Little Improvement of UI.
    - Download of 3.21 / 3.30 Added.
    - Preview of Updated_Files.tar Added.

    To quote: "Critics I'll make sure to extract the files in Updated_Files.tar but it'll be good once more useless!

    My program proposes the extraction of the same files... And gives you the HMAC that goes with allowing you to use!

    By cons, for the repack, that is where the concern arises, you just give me a simple DOS command that lets you paste files with each other, the concern is that if you change even if one file, the HMAC necessarily change, so there you HMAC takes a file from another version and AC is set.

    But the thing is that you have an HMAC of all the PUP, and therefore there like you can not recalculate your PUP is invalid.

    So in any case, without calculating the HMAC key, nothing can repacker swapping or I do not know what files."

    PUPXtractor v0.3 - PUP Unpacker for PS3 is Now Available

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    I don't understand this part.. "nothing can repacker swapping or I do not know what files."

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    It means you can't create a custom pup using this software because you'll need encryption keys to repack it so ps3 validates yuur custom repacked pup as original, in other words this program can only decrypt pup it can not encrypt it again.

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    Thanks man, nice job

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    thanks for sharing!! we happy to see the tools the hackers work with!!!

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    does this program use decryption keys to decrypt pup files?

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    The PUP files themselves are not encrypted, just authenticated (presumably SHA1 hash, but not verified).

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    The question is, why are they not encrypted? Does this mean that the checks the Core OS does to the PUPs are on a layer which doesn't use encryption? Or the PUP gets encrypted while loaded?

    Maybe this is the road we should follow..

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    What exactly does this let you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    What exactly does this let you do?
    honestly, if you need to ask - you don't need to know. there is a description posted and if you cannot understand it then there is a search function as well

    I see enough of this going on, just new people registering without reading other things and jumping to conclusions..

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