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Thread: PUPXtractor v0.1 for PS3 is Now Available

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    PUPXtractor v0.1 for PS3 is Now Available

    Update: PUPXtractor v0.2 for PS3 is now available, which now works on TAR format.

    Today Ac_K has released yet another PUP update extractor / unpacker, this time dubbed PUPXtractor v0.1 for PS3.

    Download: PUPXtractor v0.1 for PS3

    For those curious, previous PS3 update utilities used to do this task include PS3 Update Unpacker v1, PS3 PUP Extractor v1.00, GPUP PS3 PUP Unpacker/Packer v0.3.1 and PUPiT v0.1 For PS3.

    To quote from the PUPXtractor v0.1 ReadMe file: This tool allow you to extract the different parts of a PS3 firmware. All firmware version are supported!

    If any bug, error or idea is find, contact me on the forum ;).


    - Requires:

    1) Dot Net Framework 3.5:

    2) A PS3 Firmware.

    - Features:

    - Extract one part of firmware.
    - Extract all parts of firmware.
    - Preview of Txt and XML file.
    - Other features coming...


    - PS3 Update unpacker source by [RO]man.
    - Icon by PNG Factory.

    [imglink=|PUPXtractor v0.1 for PS3 is Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    AKmania Guest
    wew this is really interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKmania View Post
    wew this is really interesting
    -Rep. Please don't make generic and useless posts like that... either explain what interests you about it specifically like an educated adult or don't post here.

    Personally I don't find anything about it interesting at all... it's another clone of [RO]man's app from 2006 along with a few other apps since then.

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    DrEmmettBrown Guest
    App looks nice and well done but like boss said, we can extract pup since 3 years but files extracted are encrypted so the soft is useless hacking speakly, but still can be interesting for fun purpose only

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    I updated the first post with PUPXtractor v0.2 for PS3, which now works on TAR format.

    - Preview of XML file is improve.
    - Download of PUP to Sony servers.
    - Little changes...


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