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    Wow! That is impressive indeed!

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    My guess maybe use the same server that the hackers use for the iPhone/ iPod or something similar. installus/cydia all those hack apple stores have all there stuff ready for download on a server. so unless I'm missing something, there is a possibility to have a server going with full Psn content.

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    Big difference between a very tiny 500kb iphone app and 1-2gb game files

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    Oh completely understand, but just saying... There is a possibility/chance of something like that maybe happening.

    But ya I get ya... being able to hold a 40+gig game on it... like god of war compared to the tiny Ipod/Iphone apps. (Largest of what i've had was Navigon-1.44GB)

    But still would be amazing if someone pulled it off.

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    Good work! This is really good.. It looks almost like the real ps store.

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    Make it p2p with a torrent tracker managing it all or something similar..

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    Just so I can stop checking the PSXStore every minute!!! Can anyone tell me if a DEMO at all exists for Afterburner Climax?


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    Don't see it, but if you need it here's the Index number code for the Afterburner Climax game itself.


    Maybe with some searching you might find it somewhere else.

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    Thanks, but I cannot find this one anywhere! (NPUB30151 Afterburner Climax)


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    New Update - "games and patches" section

    -Added patches for games (and new demos and trailers)


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