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    RMnTnA Guest
    Wow! That is impressive indeed!

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    Aba Guest
    My guess maybe use the same server that the hackers use for the iPhone/ iPod or something similar. installus/cydia all those hack apple stores have all there stuff ready for download on a server. so unless I'm missing something, there is a possibility to have a server going with full Psn content.

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    Bishoff Guest
    Big difference between a very tiny 500kb iphone app and 1-2gb game files

  4. #14
    Aba Guest
    Oh completely understand, but just saying... There is a possibility/chance of something like that maybe happening.

    But ya I get ya... being able to hold a 40+gig game on it... like god of war compared to the tiny Ipod/Iphone apps. (Largest of what i've had was Navigon-1.44GB)

    But still would be amazing if someone pulled it off.

  5. #15
    Jason61 Guest


    Good work! This is really good.. It looks almost like the real ps store.

  6. #16
    semitope Guest
    Make it p2p with a torrent tracker managing it all or something similar..

  7. #17
    ultimatepump Guest
    Just so I can stop checking the PSXStore every minute!!! Can anyone tell me if a DEMO at all exists for Afterburner Climax?


  8. #18
    Aba Guest
    Don't see it, but if you need it here's the Index number code for the Afterburner Climax game itself.


    Maybe with some searching you might find it somewhere else.

  9. #19
    ultimatepump Guest
    Thanks, but I cannot find this one anywhere! (NPUB30151 Afterburner Climax)


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    zurder Guest
    New Update - "games and patches" section

    -Added patches for games (and new demos and trailers)

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