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Thread: PSX games on PS3

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    pockets69 Guest
    40 gigs
    - plays ps3 and psone (region locked) games does not play ps2 games

    60 gigs
    - plays all games (region locked for ps1 and ps2)

    60 gigs (european with no EE)
    -plays all ps3 games some ps2 games (region locked)
    (all if u own swap magic don't ask me why) and ps1 games (region Locked)

    hope it clears some doubts

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    Rjs4490 Guest

    60 Gig

    well i dont have to worry about that... i got the original 60 gig... running like a bute... nyko intercooler attached with seperate power cord!!!...

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    agentnumber2 Guest
    I have one of the MGS4 bundled 80gb PS3's and it plays PS1 games (like Final Fantasy 8) really well. Still haven't tried PS2 games as my PS2 sits right next to my PS3.

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    Bakke Guest
    You have the swap switch method. I have it installed onto my launch 20gb version and it runs pretty well.

    Just pick a PSX game with a high TOC and of course, that disc needs to be from the same region. Nevertheless, the ps1 emulation isnt that good, compared with the ps1 emulation on the ps2 console.

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