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    Quote Originally Posted by costocart View Post
    perhaps someone can create a game that uses this special feature of the controllers...
    yay, a real two player partner game: the faster you shake controller1, the harder controller 2 vibrates

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    Arrow PSVibe v2.0 Recompiled with Latest PS3 Toolchain and SDK

    Here is another update of PSVibe v2.0 from jjolano recompiled with the latest PS3 Toolchain and SDK.

    Download: PSVibe v2.0 Recompiled with Latest PS3 Toolchain and SDK

    • Activation of motors in controllers that support vibration
    • Motor rotation speed/vibration force adjustment
    • Separate vibration settings for each controller

    Changelog for PSVibe v2.0:
    • Added Move compatibility (untested since I don't have a Move)
    • Optimized some code
    • Fixed separation of settings for each controller
    • Rewrote code for PSL1GHT v2

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