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Thread: PSVibe v1.0 - PS3 DualShock 3 Vibrating Homebrew Arrives

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    cyberfix Guest
    I accidentlyyy installeddd this apppp...

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    pauliux963 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BigSpot View Post
    My girlfriend is gonna love this...

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    KrisFluke Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by leukotic View Post
    lol, this is what homebrew has come to? Using the PS controller as a vibrator?

    This would have been a perfect April fools joke.
    Au contraire! Look what we've achieved! With the combined efforts of some of the greatest programming minds alive we can turn anything into an adult toy!

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    XianPEZ13 Guest
    Now to just strap 8 of these together and add lube...

    I can see this being big in Japan. Controller covers with boobs or nuts hangin' off it. Additional attachments or enhancements of mini usb powered vibes and vibeginas. The idea of $ony getting me off is really disturbing and a huge turn off.

    (I don't care how advanced the bot becomes. I'm not sexing up a robot, that's WEIRD. [slightly off topic thought, my 2 cents])

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    m00dy Guest
    homebrew is dead now then?

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    wandiana Guest
    please make it MOVE compatible.

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    BigSpot Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    It only does orgasims.

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    changlo Guest
    I really wish Sony would've stuck with their prototype controller design, it was much smoother for easy insertion.. However if this works with the Move controller we can be looking at some real comfortable fun!!

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Two of my lesbian friends decided to try this out together (they said sharing is caring)... i didn't bother to ask any questions and they refuse a viewing session...

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    costocart Guest
    perhaps someone can create a game that uses this special feature of the controllers...

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