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Thread: PSP Games Mountable on PS3 Reports Snowydew of Gitbrew

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    PSP Games Mountable on PS3 Reports Snowydew of Gitbrew

    A year back we reported news of launching PSP games on a PS3 from Russian hacker GamerSuper, and today PlayStation 3 hacker Snowydew of Gitbrew confirms that PSP games are indeed mountable on PS3 but notes that only some are actually playable.

    Below are some relevant Tweets from him on mounting Loco Roco (pictured below) for PSP on the PS3, and as always we will update this article as more details surface:
    • Yes psp games ARE mountable, but some are not playable. I'll try lumines to see if it works though.
    • rar the directories if you can and send it to "snowy" on the gitbrew irc, when i wake up i'll have a look
    • Games to be run on it. Time to look towards the psone classics then, that or lets see if i can mount actual psone games. This shall be fun
    • The loco roco i used was from a umd, not psn related. From the documentation i've been reading, it would require heavy modification for psp
    • I need the psn versions sadly , already installed is what i need / specific files that are in the directory.
    • The reason i say that, is because i own these copies. Hardcopies / psone discs and psn /ps3 installed ones. just don't have them anymore .
    • If anyone has "resident evil1-3, metal gear solid or any final fantasys" installed onto 3.55 and below consoles. [email protected] email me!
    • Loco Roco mounted, but not yet 100% working.
    • well they did release some games, the psp emu will need patching for heavy use games though i'll see what i can do.
    • Ps3 gameos. Trying to run psone and psp games from the dashboard. So far so good. more examples would help though.
    • Psp games are now mountable. Now to get them to boot. If i had a variety of examples to work from. This will make it go WAY FASTER.
    • Also, i have my ps3 rigged to hell, to boot into gameos, sooo taking a crack at psone and psp games, just because i can.

    Also from Snowydew: Oddly enough evilsperm, rebug is the only cfw that ACTUALLY works on my ps3 currently. Petitboot no longer runs either. Also! ironically the tools i've been using are done by Deank, mathieulh and hellcat to achieve this. pkg extractor and sfo editor. Make a generic PARAM.SFO and place it as a "disc game" into the game directory
    and place another param.sfo that is also modified as a harddrive disk game into usrdir. They need to be the CORRECT id for the game, otherwise you get weird errors. i've tested it with 480p checked because anything higher (tried 1080p and it gave me resolution not supported and such). The documentation i've been reading though will actually cause errors. Change PSP_GAME to PS3_GAME.

    Mounts perfectly fine in multiman and goes straight to the xmb. Tries to load but errors out. Haven't tried it with psone classics or psp minis though. Once i figure out where my actual psone game cds are that'll speed up the process. Ps, from the looks of it, iso.bin.edat is usually the software they use to start their psp emulator as well as call in their own functions (reason why unless you modify the psp emulator with all the other addons most things won't run). eboot.pbp is as it was on the psp. Just an iso holder with a bit more in it.

    Ps: sorry about it seeming random and scratched together. but that's what i have so far


    The modified version

    Hex edited version of the PS3_DISC.SFB

    That's for if my explanation was incomprehensible to some people I'll make a tutorial to do it later on if needed (a proper way at least)

    Those are all the tools i'm using, so far no luck switching around npdrm content with demos and such. Trying out various other things as well though. (Tried placing the eboot.bins with other games and psone games created with the psx2pbp tool, didn't like that) switched various things around and found more generic files that we can use to do this.

    Finally, from Sony PS3 hacker Mathieulh: I got the pspemu to forcefully run "content" a few months back, but it's kinda useless because the emu fails too much, it does not even emulate vram, most games don't even make it to the title screen, except for minis of course.

    [imglink=|PSP Games Mountable on PS3 Reports Snowydew of Gitbrew][/imglink]
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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    This is going to be awesome.

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    Wile E Guest
    I have to agree. This will indeed be awesome if he gets it working well.

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    Kraken Guest
    I consider this the holy grail of PS3 modding. RemoteJoyLite is great, but PSP games on the PS3 would be awesome, especially if it can upscale.

    Too bad $ony lied about the actual TV output capabilities of the PSP and is now trying to sell all the games that we already own back to us with only minor graphical improvements.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I remember some hacker had made a DS emulator for the PS3 with no sound and was going to release it (with sound), what ever happened to that?

    Here is the link to the thread -

    But it's good seeing gitbrew making good progress.

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    hive13 Guest
    GamerSuper hacker? LOL

    it's big russian troll, all he can do - blablabla, nothing else...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The Russian Mathieulh.

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    crax0r Guest
    GamerSuper news looks really lame...

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    NTA Guest

    Looking for another exploit maybe?

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    peepalala Guest
    i also think so lumines..

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