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Thread: psnStuffX

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  1. #21
    gecko666 Guest
    Awesome, thanks for the work.

  2. #22
    schiz0 Guest
    thank you very much

  3. #23
    fadestyle Guest
    this is great stuff, is 3.05.05 out? the update could not download

    a pause feature would be nice, any thoughts on a pause feature?

  4. #24
    tontsa1992 Guest
    thanx dude. this is awesome.

  5. #25
    Marteseb Guest
    I'm gonna try it. but having hard hard time jailbreaking

  6. #26
    jax1 Guest
    Works Perfect , Thank You!

  7. #27
    sven190 Guest
    Tnx this is what i need

  8. #28
    oussamaps3 Guest
    thx dude i appreciate it

  9. #29
    eminem451 Guest
    03.06.00 is out, it will help reducing server loads, don't hesitate to feedback bugs, if there's any

  10. #30
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the update eminem451, I have mainpaged the news and added v03.06.01 as well and +Rep!

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