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Thread: PSNope v1 by User PS3 Homebrew Application is Now Available

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    PSNope v1 by User PS3 Homebrew Application is Now Available

    Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer user has made available an open-source application dubbed PSNope v1 that allows such things as activating PSN content, IDPS spoofing and removing PS3 Custom Firmware syscalls with details and updates below.

    Download: PSNope v1 by User PS3 Homebrew Application / psnope.rar (With Free Console ID) / PSNope_v1.05.rar / PSNope_v1.05.rar (Mirror)

    To quote: PSNope v1 by user

    v1 features:
    • activate PSN content
    • spoof idps
    • fake ofw (remove cfw syscalls)
    • firmware independent i.e. no version specific offsets

    v1.05 features:
    • psid spoofing
    • cleanup boot_history.dat etc.
    • delete boot_history.dat etc.
    • beep to indicate successful rif creation


    Q: I want to activate PSN content. How to get started?
    A: 1. create the folders psnope\lic\ on your pen drive
    2. put the rap files of the content you want to activate into the "lic" dir
    3. plug your pen drive into the rightmost usb port of your ps3 (/dev_usb000)
    4. run PSNope

    Q: Do i need the "aa" account to make it work?
    A: No, you don't.

    Q: How can i enable changing my idps?
    A: open config.txt, change "spoof_idps=0" to "spoof_idps=1" and set "idps=" to the idps you want to use

    Q: Where does it look for config.txt?
    A: It looks for config.txt in the following places and uses the first it is able to open:
    1. /app_home/config.txt
    2. /dev_usb000/psnope/config.txt
    3. /dev_hdd0/game/BLES08890/USRDIR/config.txt

    Q: I spoofed my idps and and activated some content. Why doesn't it work?
    A: Because your idps is part of the decryption algo. Please set "use_spoofed_idps" to "1" to fix it.

    Q: Whats a ".klic" file?
    A: Its a decrypted ".rap" file. PSNope supports these as well.

    Q: How can i disable certain System Calls that may be detected?
    A: remove_cfw_syscalls=1

    Q: Will PSNope work on future CFWs?
    A: It should work as is, because there are no version specific offsets being used (unlike the others).

    Q: Is there any chance my console could get bricked by PSNope?
    A: Nope no changes are being made to your console's flash.

    Q: Can I use the source code or parts of it in my own projects?
    A: Sure, as long as your project is open source.

    Greetings to: ps3dev-net

    Also above is PSNope with a Free Console ID (via with details below, roughly translated:

    "So many people have encountered several difficulties to run the homebrew PSNope, we thought of leaving a preconfigured version. Fortunately the Consoleid that it uses is Free (also used on the classic ps_unban ), but will eventualy be banned, try to use it until it is no longer valid.

    Note: Extract all files with winrar and copy in pendrive, if you have already installed the version of PSNope you must remove it and install the one in the file psnope.rar.

    Now start the homebrew PSNope, that after a few seconds of processing, will take you back to the xmb, from now you can connect to the PlayStation Network."

    Finally, from Rautz comes a guide on How To Use PSNope as follows:

    Hereís a little usage guide I wrote for someone else this morning that I may as well post up for anyone else that is still having problems. Its a rough guide but it should get you on track.

    • A PS3 file manager of your choice
    • PS3Nope pkg.
    • act.dat

    How to use

    After installing PSNope you want to open a file manager and check which of your PS3 accounts has act.dat.

    You can do so by going to /dev_hdd0/home/000000xx and opening the exdata folder. After finding an account with act.dat make note of which number it uses eg /dev_hdd0/home/00000008

    If none of your accounts have act.dat youíll need to go to the store and grab an EA game online pass, since they are now free. If you are getting errors stopping you from downloading then try creating a new user on the PS3 and sign in on that user. There are probably other safer ways to create act.dat I just dont know them.

    On your computer open up the config.txt file and edit it according to how you wish to use PSNope:
    # PSNope Configuration File #
    #------- PSN OPTIONS -------
    # Spoof IDPS (temporary)
    # enter a proper idps before enabling
    idps= 0000000100A00009100258D48D2774FC
    # Remove CFW Syscalls (temporary)
    #----- END PSN OPTIONS -----
    #----- LICENSE OPTIONS -----
    #create licenses
    # user account number (e.g. 00000001) to generate rif files in
    # as seen in /dev_hdd0/home/
    # use spoofed idps for rifs
    #path to read rap/klic files from
    If you have a look at the config.txt you can see that Iíve chosen to have raps associated with 00000015 highlighted in italics, this was the only account at this PS3 that had been activated(act.dat in the exdata folder).

    Spoof the idps

    If you like playing online and using tools that spoof your console id and PSID then you youíll want to be enabling the option I have highlighted in bold.

    Enable = 1
    Disable = 0

    At the moment this option doesnt act as some sort of PSN ban workaround like some people think it does, it is an option so that if you choose to use a tool that spoofs, idps, PSID, and mac address like SEN Enabler then your games wont break compatibility(since PSNope relies on idps to decrypt rap files).

    Enabling this option before activating this content will allow you to use SEN Enabler whilst still enjoying the PSN games. Note that you will need to use the same spoofed idps for both tools. A future version seems to be on the cards to allow PSID spoofing so this will be a proper all in one tool in that respect.

    Activating the content

    If youíve used ReactPSN before your find this part unnecessary since it is the same procedure(apart from your folders used on the usb.

    On your usb your rap files go into this path I highlight in underline in the config example. dev_usb000= the right most usb port.

    Install the game packages onto your PS3

    Once your raps are in the right folder and flash drive is in the correct port, run the app. It will black screen for a sec or two(I only activated 5 raps, Iím not sure how long a pirates folder would take to activate) and return to XMB without rebooting.

    Your games should be ready to play now. Tested working with:
    • Metal Slug
    • Crazy Taxi
    • Alpha Mission 2
    • Capcom vs SNK 2(PS2 Classic)
    • Some UC3 DLC

    Thanks u$er for releasing this nifty tool.

    [imglink=|PSNope v1 by User PS3 Homebrew Application is Now Available][/imglink]
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    TenJo Guest
    hey can you tell me exactly how the idps spoof thing works? prevent your console id from a ban wave?

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    dyceast Guest
    This sounds like a PSN TOOL Upgrade...

    Even though i have everything running already, this tool may come useful in the future since it apparently works on "any" firmware

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    moja Guest
    I like the enabling of PSN content without the aa account. Might give this a try. Thanks.

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    echoes4ever Guest
    I have a banned console.. how can I activate it using this homebrew ?? any help for this newbie

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    jackkiej Guest
    Activating psn content does not work if there is no exdata folder, you need to create one manually, in the /dev_hdd0/home/00000001/ folder, or change the "user_account=" in the config to a user account that has the exdata folder already.

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    Onofre7 Guest
    Cool news

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    jackkiej Guest
    I can confirm this works for all the battlefield 3 dlc's

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    JhonCorV Guest
    It is possible to activate PSN content offline like ReactPSN?

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    dyceast Guest
    As long as you have the act.dat file you should be good.

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