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    Use an FTP and / or chmod it to 444.

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    done, thanks!

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    can we use this .pkg with PSID patcher for more security against ban ???

    thanks for reply !

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    Rebug version of this seems to work, but upon reboot it acts like the video and audio are going through hdmi. As I only have a Standard Def TV, I can not tell.

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    Why do i keep on getting a psn error with every method i use ?? The same error time and time again. 80710A06.

    Please can anyone shed some light on this problem ?

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    Try PS3ita PSoN v2.pkg and just install it and run it once! it will install the new spoof and you can log in on PSN again!

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    I did what you said but same error 80710A06

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    i have rebug 3.55.2 and i have the rebug 4.11 spoofer installed and psn was working until the 4.20 ofw came out! i just downloaded the psn ITA pkg and installed it and the psn is working again!!!

    sorry but it works on my console!

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    this working still or not?

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