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    Promoted to the main page now, and +Rep for the update smokin.

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    I will be making one more minor update adding the option to edit manager cofig files to stop them from wiping history.

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    That's fine, you can just add it to this thread (vs starting a new one in the Member News) and I will update the first post with it and +Rep ya!

    Every few revisions I will promote your post updates here to the main page as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ylpkm View Post
    i doubt a 3.56 cfw will come out, since it has remote connection and a rootkit... sony will know every console that goes on... its too hard to hack a rootkit to randomly display from a list of things you want... the best thing would be is to make a 3.56 that runs on a parallel site for online games...
    Still, "a 3.56 that runs on a parallel site for online games" will continue to be a CFW. And a 3.56 CFW is something that devs will work on I don't doubt. But on-line gaming was almost doomed from the start - that's something anyone out of the OFWs should know.

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    wait jb psn still works even after 3.56 ?

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    If you use this app (or one of the bypass methods linked here) it will, until Sony closes it again... likely over the next few days:


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    Yeah, it usually happens a few days after release when they patch up the DNS or bypass techniques...

    I'm using it ATM, but I know its going to ask me to update soon...

    Hopefully this HDD corrupt issue is slowing them down though

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    they already fix the hdd problem! if you are on 3.56 and go to system update it will tell you that a 3.56 update is available, is like a v2 of the 3.56!

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    Logan5's tool is OK... Hideki's tool is the same but a little different in how it works.

    Until they patch it... ALL tools will STOP working also

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    You're the man- Thanks!


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