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    Nigredo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by modmate View Post
    I can search but get NO results. (Yes, Visual +CC and open ssl installed.)
    From range 0005 to 00010 - certanly it will find nothing

    Try 0005 - 01000 range

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    xMotorhead Guest

    Thumbs Up

    IS BLOODY working with this range!

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gtxboyracer View Post
    Time to pull out the reverse engineer tool - and find out what's going on... I had worked on my own personal PSN tool for finding PSN information
    Would be great if you`ll find something to get it work.


  4. #14
    solrac1974 Guest
    Good news, let's see what this app can do, thanks to all Devs for their hard work!

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nigredo View Post
    From range 0005 to 00010 - certanly it will find nothing

    Try 0005 - 01000 range
    If so, please post a pic that its working. On my side it doesnt matter which range. I get a Download error everytime.

    BTW with the range 00005 to 00010 you DO GET something, but the links won't show up. (See first page and its picture) It errors with 99 on the bottom of the tool.

  6. #16
    Warrorar Guest
    awsome tool, cant wait to test it out when i come home today.

    because of the fact that i don't want to go online with my jailbroken ps3, this tool is one of the most wanted tools for me

    download pkg without using a ps3 is a great step in security for our jailbroken ps3's.


  7. #17
    dondolo Guest
    sorry for the noob question, how's that possible to download pes2011 extra data? like downloadable content that shows up in the game?? it there a way to?

  8. #18
    flashpc Guest
    Don't shoot me down guys, but when I try to install the SSL it says that the C++ 2008 redistr. is missing, but I have already installed this.

    What am I doing wrong?

    And on a side note, will this also link to add-ons for the PS3 PSN?

  9. #19
    nuttenlova Guest
    I don't get any links? can someone post the link for Worms 2 Armageddon.pkg?

    Would be awesome!

  10. #20
    modmate Guest
    Thats weird. On the bottom you`ll see the debug messages and if i try to scan it shows me very quick the server links but they won't show up in the window. Instead of that it errors while parsing.

    I guess it's a bug somewhere. Also i think that NOBODY get any links out of it until its fixed.


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