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Thread: PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.2.2 for 4.50 CEX PS3 CFW Arrives

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    PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.2.2 for 4.50 CEX PS3 CFW Arrives

    Following up on his previous release and Sony's PS3 Firmware 4.50 Update, today PlayStation 3 developer Nathan_r32_69 (aka nathanr3269 or Evilnat_PS3SOS) has updated his PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler to version 4.50 v5.2.2 which allows online access for PS3 CFW users with the changes below.

    Download: SEN Enabler v5.2.2 [CEX] [4.50].rar (69.71 MB)

    • Added menu. For CFW 3.55*, 4.21, 4.30, 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46.
    • Added languages Spanish/English/French. Added help/credits menu.
    • Added log. Added ReactPSN compatibility. Added temperature checker.
    • Added ConsoleID/PSID/MAC checker. Added Firmware checker.
    • Added Anti-RSOD.
    • Stealth [NPEA90124 - GT6).
    • Allow enable/disable SEN access.
    • Allow enable/disable flash write.
    • Allow to restart PS3 system.
    • Allow to shutdown PS3 system.
    • Allow to delete file system.
    • Allow to hide PS3 system data.
    • Allow to patch ConsoleID.
    • Allow to patchl PSID.
    • Allow to patch MAC.
    • Allow to patch TargetID.
    • Allow to patch data from USB device.
    • Allow to show PS3 system information.
    • Only one PKG.

    New in this release:
    • Added online on CFW below 4.50
    • Added compatibility with Habib CFW 4.50
    • Removed Rebug optional files fix (swp and cexsp files)
    • Improved code
    • Fixed some bugs

    [imglink=|PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.2.2 for 4.50 CEX PS3 CFW Arrives][/imglink]
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    vinnujin Guest
    sen id patcher pkg should be installed once or every time when restarting ps3..??

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    crizford4816 Guest
    What the F? this software made my ps3 goes black screen. >.< HELP?!

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    hotd54me Guest
    same here, I went and used this to change my idps and my screen froze didn't unfreeze, so I shut the console off, then turned it back on, black screen. when you hold down the powerbutton to shut it off, that beep to let you know your console is shutting down isn't there anymore.

    I tried resetting the video settings by doing the button hold fix, didn't work. tried av cables and hdmi, nothing. they better fuggin hope they didn't release a console bricking software... right now I'm downloading rogero downgrader pup (183 mb's) and hopefully that will clear it up, if not, there goes 200 bucks down the drain.

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    hishamage Guest
    re install your cfw in recovery mode

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    crizford4816 Guest
    Reply to me, if you get it to work with that.

    It will just freeze when I select the System Update option in the safe mode... any other suggestion? please. T.T

    Is there someone who could help me out here? how'd I get my PS3 to back to work again? after I run this software and prompted me to restart the system, then the Black Screen comes. T.T HELP!!! PLEASE!

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    hotd54me Guest
    the rogero downgrade worked, but now i'm stuck on 3.55 custom firmware, but when I go to upgrade to a later rogero it says connect storage media that contains update data of version 9.99 or later, did the servicemode upgrade, and from the xmb, no luck..... this stupid sen enabler screwed everything up

    I finally got rogero 3.55 v3.7 to start installing, so hopefully after that I can install rogero 4.46 v1.01

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    AK74U Guest
    Use PSNope for now it's compatible with cfw 4.50 until fixed is found all i see is members having issues.

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    crizford4816 Guest
    I can't even go to my XMB, I'm stucked at the black screen.. and my "SYSTEM UPDATE" at safe mode is screwed... in fact all of the options there. We should really get the attention of the experts here. Cause' this software is bricking consoles, and it could get even worse.. PLEASE HELP!

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    dyceast Guest
    what exactly does yours do now? and CFW?

    When you power on straight to black screen? or shows XMB? etc?

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