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    PSN Patch v1.01 PS3 Application by KW for Custom Firmware Arrives

    Following up on PSIDPatch and PSNope, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer KW (via kokotonix) has released a PS3 application he calls PSN Patch v1.01 followed by v1.03 and v1.05 for Custom Firmware, which allows users to temporarily disable their CFW, spoof their Console ID and more as detailed below.

    Download: PSNpatch.zip / psnpatch 1_03_5.zip / psnpatch 1_03_5b.rar / PSNpatch_105.zip

    To quote: This is a small app made by KW and inspired in the works of stoker25 (psidpatch) and user (psnope).

    The major objective is to spoof the console Id and disable cfw syscalls extensions in order to make your system more "safe" to go into the psn. (Note that MORE safe doesn't mean IT IS safe !).

    Additionally, you can also sign RAPs into RIFs. Starting from psidpatch simple interface with the functionalities of psnope. New algorithms specially made for CFW disable and valid user account search.

    Major Functions:
    • Spoof IDPS (console ID) **
    • Spoof PSID **
    • Disable cfw syscalls (emulates official firmware) **
    • Deletes game launch history (deletes the records of the last games used);
    • Sign Rap into RIF.

    ** These actions are temporary until next system reboot.

    How to use:
    • Just install and run. A simple interface will guide you through.

    • You can execute the app directly after install.
    • This will allow you to remove cfw syscalls and delete execution history.
    • Removing syscall will simulate a official firmware version improving protection level against PSN bans.
    • Note that after doing this, some homebrew programs (like multiman) will refuse to execute.
    • Just mount the game backup you want BEFORE using PSNPATCH to disable cfw.
    • After CFW is disabled you can play the mounted game backup but cannot mount another one.
    • This "cfw disabling" will only be active until next ps3 reboot.

    Press Triangle - 3 beeps will inform of the cfw removal success.


    If you want to spoof idps and psid, you need to the edit the PSNPATCH.cfg file (see example). PSNPATCH will scan 2 locations in the following order:

    1.) /dev_usb000/PSNPATCH.cfg
    2.) /dev_hdd0/game/PSNP11001/USRDIR/PSNPATCH.cfg"

    Press X just to spoof both idps and psid.


    Press L1 to do a "ALL IN ONE": Spoof idps and psid, disable cfw syscalls and delete execution history. 3 beeps will inform of the success disabling cfw.

    • When PSNPATCH starts, it will search for the first valid user account (usually it will be '1', but it can be a different value).
    • Place the RAPS in the folder configured in PSNPATCH.cfg (usually /dev_usb0/exdata/ in a usb stick placed on the right most ps3 port).
    • Press Square - a log will be displayed on-screen listing the processed files.

    • If you don't want the user interface, just execute PSNPATCH and keep pressed L1 or Triangle until 3 beeps or get back to the XMB.


    When PSNPATCH starts, it will search for the first valid user account (usually it will be '1', but it can be a different value).
    Place RAPs and/or EDATs in the folder configured in PSNPATCH.cfg (usually /dev_usb0/exdata/ in a usb stick placed on the right most ps3 port).

    Press L1 - a log will be displayed on-screen listing the processed games by file type
    • Note 1: Advisable not process more than 20 files at the same time.
    • Note 2: Once the RAPs and EDATs are installed, you can remove them form the USB stick.
    • Note 3: RAPs and EDATs are installed in one user account but available to all users.
    • Note 4: RAPs are installed with the current IDPS (original or spoofed) and will only work with that IDPS active !
    • Note 5: EDATs are IDPS independent.


    PSNpatch can unlock game demos of c00 type. For each unlocked game there will be created a new EDAT. Press R1 - A list of unlocked games will be displayed on screen.

    • PSNPATCH should be compatible with every 4.XX version.
    • It is independent of the CFW "flavour" (rebug, rogero, habib, steve, etc).
    • Tested with 4.21, 4.25, 4.30, 4.41, 4.46 and 4.50.
    • It should be compatible with future firmware releases, as it uses standard syscalls to process the spoofing method.
    • It does the cfw disabling by searching and disabling the known "unofficial”syscalls 6,7,8,9,10,35,36. Equal to every 4.X firmware until now.


    IF you want to be sure psnpatch works in your system:
    • Edit pasnpatch.cfg to define new idps and psid. Put it in the root of a usb stick and place it in the rightmost ps3 usb port.
    • Run psnpatch keeping L1 pressed until you ear 3 beeps or got back to XMB.
    • If the system beeped, it means that the cfw disabling was successful.
    • You can re-run psnpatch. It should give you an error complaining about cfw syscalls not found and it will display the current idps and psid values.
    • You can also run Multiman, Irismanager or any other syscall-dependent homebrew: they will all complain about an unsupported firmware version

    • Never execute any homebrew WHILE connected to the PSN !
    • And the safest way to keep being banned is to be offline !!!

    • Stoker25 for psidpatch.
    • User for psnope.

    Version 1.03 (28/10/2013) Changelog:
    • Disable CFW (2 complementary algorithms);
    • Delete execution history (at psnpatch startup);
    • Install EDATs;
    • Unlock PSN (C00) game demos;
    • Left/Right selects between valid user accounts (displaying user name);

    WARNING: New button mapping (to accommodate newer functions).

    Version 1.05 Changelog:

    PSNpatch 1.05 for 4.XX CFW & COBRA 7.0
    • ADDED SUPPORT FOR CFW disabling in COBRA 7.0;
    • STEALTH version;
    • cfg file adjusted to support stealth version;

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    drphuz Guest
    I dig this

  3. #3
    dyceast Guest
    By the looks of things, this sounds just like PSNope

  4. #4
    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    Sounds good

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    lumon Guest
    when i press L1, i choose the games it's not mount on BR-Dics. How to enable the CFW. Please!!!

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    Spiritismo Guest
    Hi KW. i think it works and i think its a grewat work. But the problem is:

    If you have a Banned Account and a Banned console the program doesn't work. So if i read right it scan the users-accounts on the ps3 and the first wo was active will use. (or you modified the .cfg file)

    now i have made on the internet a new account but i cant Registered my ps3 untill it was pached! You see the problem. Can you make a next version who do you can just change the consoleid , then it is possible for me and others

    first patch ONLY the consoleid, then register your Ps3 with an NOT Banned account and all wors fine and you can go tho the PSN. ok. don't stop to make software like this one! greetz from Switzerland and long life the C-64 scene.

    just make a reboot and the system boots up without any chanches and you can use your cfw-Stuff.. or you have the same problem. i updated my ps3 to Rogero 4.50v1.1 but dont install the new multiman to mount. i just see the toolbox.

    my tip is delete multiman. and download mm4.50.2 base (cex od dex, wath you need one) after i make this it mount the Game.

    i hope i have help you.


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    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    i need a tutorial?

    For stoker 25 psid patcher this is a consoleid 00000001008c00091001b82aeb2f5d4f000000000000000000 00000000000000 and what is the psid? do i need patch booth or just one i have a working consoleid but can not unban please help?

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    hayman Guest
    any one try this ? is it safe ?

  9. #9
    dyceast Guest
    You dont really need to patch PSID if using Public CIDs, but for some people that are using Private CiDs, it can be a little safer to grab the Private PSID that matches

    And the tutorial is in the read me:

    Edit the .cfg file with your info, put it on USB stick, install the PKG file, and then run it with USB stick inserted (Far Right Slot usually helps)

    I still prefer PSNope, because when you run it, all files are done on the fly, NO MENU, No buttons to press, just run, wait a few seconds, and then sign in

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    lumon Guest
    thank you very much! It's working when i delete multiman and install it again.

    can i use this app to play COD BO 2? And how to get a good CONSOLE ID (IDPS)?

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