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    thank you!

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    PSNPatch v4.66.02 PS3 App by KW via Kokotonix for CFW is Updated

    Following up on his previous revision, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer KW (via kokotonix) has updated PSN Patch to v4.66.02 for PS3 Custom Firmware, which allows users to temporarily disable their CFW, spoof their Console ID and more on as detailed below.

    Download: psnpatch 4.66.02.zip


    [4.66.02] 28/11/2014
    • Confirmed support for 4.66 CFW's;
    • Included STEALTH EXTENSIONS for 4.66 COBRA based CFW's;
    • As usual stealth extensions includes easy spoofer form 4.66 to future versions (read the docs);
    • PSNPatch plugin updated;
    • Readme.txt and FAQ.txt updated;

    • To update psnpatch plugin, stealth extensions or version spoofing, install & run psnpatch homebrew and follow on-screen instructions;
    • To be perfectly clear: COBRA FIRMWARES 4.50, 4.53 and 4.55 are NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE. If you need support to these versions you must use an older PSNPATCH version.


    To avoid further discussions and unnecessary posting, questioning and answering:

    a) Non-cobra & COBRA firmware, past and future, should always be supported;
    b) For proper CFW disabling IN COBRA (REBUG and NON-rebug), stealth extensions are recommended (BUT NOT MANDATORY !!!) These are made PER CFW VERSION which needs that the CFW author releases its stage2 source code.
    c) Rebug versions needs a special processing mode, but even without stealth extensions, psnpatch plugins uses a special "rebug cobra mode" to disable CFW.
    d) Rebug CFW should always run in "REBUG" mode - use rebug toolbox for that.
    e) Don't ask me if cfw XPTO version 99.99 is or when will it be supported as I don't intended to be making stealth extensions for every cfw flavour. What it is, is what it is.
    f) If you have any issue, before starting to say that "PSNPATCH doesn't work", try to "search, browse and explore". 99 in 100 questions are answered just by reading PSNPATCH provided docs.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Fomodeoxaguian Guest

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    Netikras Guest

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    plasma33 Guest
    awesome thread... thanks for sharing...

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    vitorportela Guest
    another very big news thx

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    thx you all

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    Thank you very much.

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