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    hacked2123 Guest

    Exclamation PSN Password Vulnerability Warning for PSJ/PSJ Clone Users

    Not putting this up here because I want to be obedient to the new changes to the DMCA law, but just because I saw it a 2 nights ago, was like...wow, way to go Sony.

    If you have shared your dev_flash[x] with anyone else, or you were thinking of sharing it AND you have you PSN set to "remember my password", your dumps will contain your PSN ID and password in plain text.

    Of course these this file would be terribly difficult to access otherwise (at least without physically having your system in the hands of a skilled dev). If anyone wants to find that file and enlighten everyone as to what it is, do so, or by request I can find out... but right now, I just want to chill.

    Night everyone!

    (PS Jailbreak, PS Groove, PS Freedom, PS Liberator... so many alternatives )

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    sekemc Guest
    If I remember it's the file xRegistry.sys which is stored in /dev_flash2 and /dev_flash2/backup

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Nice warning hacked2123... reminds me of when CJPC found the leaker's HDD model and serial and MAC address in the PS3 Hypervisor lv1 dump that was released. Sony knows all I guess.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Not only that but if Sony would really want to start hunting down all the JB users or anyone tinkering with their PS3 I'm pretty sure they can identify (and eventually block or even brick) the particular PS3 even without your PSN ID and password included ...

    Thanks for the headup! +REP

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    atlask2 Guest
    Good warning , hacked2123 ! I've see this file the first day of ps3ftp release. I was talking with my friend about the risk of this info. You can see all info used by ps3 ,mac adress bt/ether/wifi /ds3/headset, your ip , your pswd and mail adress of all your account and maybe the creditbank card if you use one to buy on ps3store.

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    cfwprophet Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Very nice to have this info.Sure no one wants to share there private account informations + Rep.

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    hunterrr Guest
    Nice heads up

    + Rep

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    d3adliner Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sekemc View Post
    If I remember it's the file xRegistry.sys which is stored in /dev_flash2 and /dev_flash2/backup
    Can't we just delete or modify that file?

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
    Can't we just delete or modify that file?
    Well, to share a dump , yes. However, your details are also in other places, at times the system database, and virtual memory, and in the registry backup.

    If you plan on sharing your dumps, the easiest thing to do (in linux) is grep the files, see if any match your username, then you can edit them!

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    worstenbroodje Guest
    I lost my psn password but its still on my ps3. How do I read the file? I already installed everything needed and its working fine (I use filezilla)

    never mind already fixed. My wifi signal was gone for a sec so i couldn't open the file.

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