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    fleetwood Guest
    i called sony once they said they couldn't give me the password, they could just reset the account.

    kool i just scrolled down and found it once i viewed the xregistry.sys file with word pad

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    djklown Guest
    Looks like im going to be going to all my local used video game stores and buying all their used stock of PS3's and... well you get my drift. Hate to be the first one to say it.. and im totally kidding. Looks like $ony might have a new issue on their hands and all the people that gotten rid of their Ps3 and/or broken ones out there.... All the ones Sony refurbishes.. i wonder if they do a complete flash and send them out...

    Anyone care to validate my point with a refurbed PS3 see if there are other user profiles still on there...

    But seriously, i'm going to go get another used ps3 to test stuff from the local video game spot...


  3. #13
    farenheit Guest
    My daughter damaged mine the other day and since my PS3 is covered by continues play i had it replaced, however my PS3 was version 3.15 and the replcement i received had 3.21, so i just updated it to 3.41.

    Hope that helps.

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    Xcellerator Guest
    It's almost like Sony put it there in plaintext in case something like this ever happened, lol!

  5. #15
    semitope Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Xcellerator View Post
    It's almost like Sony put it there in plaintext in case something like this ever happened, lol!
    More like they never expected something like this to ever happen. Hopefully its continues to be hacked with each ps3 revision/firmware.

  6. #16
    HellReborn Guest
    as long as we can find a way to run the ftp server when we update, there should be no issue getting into the ps3 anymore, but we have to figure out a way to run it after we update.

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    djklown Guest
    Well i picked up a refurbed unit from sony from my local game purchasing place i will take a look at it later tonight or tommorow and see if they do a full wipe of the system... I picked up a 80 gig, no memory controller, fatty. Whats loaded on is 3.21 FW. they did have aused fat that had 2.43 on it, but of course i went with the refurbed because it came with a free game... I don't support piracy.


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    moggadactyl Guest
    Good catch. Something I would have looked over

  9. #19
    Darius2010 Guest
    Thanks for the heads up bro!

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