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Thread: PSN Download Manager / Booster v3.41 is Now Available

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, Burn242.

    I'm trying to change the download path to a spare drive which is D:\shares\PSN downloads\
    1. Open path.txt and change it to D:\shares\PSN downloads\
    2. Right Click the Icon in the task bar and select options
    3. Under Core Options, Select Directory and replace with D:\shares\PSN downloads\

    I hope this helps,

    P.S this is sort of a bug, lol the downloader should read the information from the path.txt but for some reason only the proxy side seems to be accessing it correctly.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jordandyckes View Post
    Q: When I download files, I get an error about illegal characters in path?
    A: E-Mail the Url-Log.txt and time / date of download and a copy of your Country.txt and Char_Illegal.txt, I should be able to identify the issue within 24 hours, if not minutes.
    My Answer:
    Jordandyckes - you should able to get rid of 100% of these errors by using a c# method something like this:-
    Quote Originally Posted by C# .NET Code
    private string GetValidFileName(string potentiallyInvalidFilename)
    const string replacementCharacter = "#";

    // Get a list of invalid path characters.
    char[] invalidPathChars = Path.GetInvalidPathChars();
    // Get a list of invalid file characters.
    char[] invalidFileChars = Path.GetInvalidFileNameChars();

    string validFileNameAndPath = potentiallyInvalidFilename;

    // Check the path for invalid PATH characters
    foreach (char character in invalidPathChars){
    //Replace each invalid character with a valid alternative (set above)
    validFileNameAndPath = validFileNameAndPath.Replace(character.ToString(), replacementCharacter);

    string validPath = Path.GetDirectoryName(validFileNameAndPath);
    string validFile = Path.GetFileName(validFileNameAndPath);

    // Check the file for invalid FILENAME characters
    foreach (char character in invalidFileChars){
    //Replace each invalid character with a valid alternative (set above)
    validFile = validFile.Replace(character.ToString(), replacementCharacter);

    return Path.Combine(validPath,validFile);
    That's not particularly tidy, or the most efficient way of doing it, but should suffice


    Edit: That's System.IO.Path btw

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, PSP Swampy

    Thank you for the code, I implemented the change into my source code; but unfortunately it didn't work because the url contains Illegal characters (which aren't technically illegal characters because information is contained within the url which needs removing for the true path).

    This is parsed on, but downloads won't start because the url is invalid.

    If the code is only used on the file path, it causes the filepath to end with the wrong filename and extension because it stills needs parsing through the Country.txt and Char_Illegal.txt filters to be correct.

    It would of been nice if it worked, but characters such as &Product=0087 get kept as the file extension and other bits in the filename, this stops the PS3 from accepting the files.

    In order to remove the &Product=0087 from the path I would still need to parse it through the current method.

    So unfortunately, the only thing the new code does it slow the program down and requires the old method anyways.

    Thank you for the suggestion, I'm always looking for ways to improve the program, and will always use the most effective methods that I know or have been suggested and then compared against the old method.

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    IceColdSniperX2 Guest
    Nice, I'm gonna donload this right now, Thanks!

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Jordandycke, No worries mate - i must admit, i thought the error you mentioned was in relation to windows filenames, didn't realise it was re the url's

    Still, if you have a known set of extensions, you could substring the filenames to the extension (determine using .LastIndexOf(Extension)), then strip off everything after that (which would presumbly include the parameters such as the one in your example &Product=0087)

    Anyway, nice to see some more people sharing their work.


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    Jordandyckes Guest
    I would like to say thank you to PSPSwampy as a new beta version is being developed which will no longer require the Country.txt or Char_Illegal.txt this will reduce the chance of an illegal path error to nearly 100% however I cannot say it won't happen at some point.

    Should be released within the next 24 hours also including an automated updater into the application, so users don't need to keep checking for new versions.

    I decided not to release a beta version, because I've never released it as a beta before.

    3.42 is the full version, and not a beta; bugs will be fixed as and when they occur.

    So here is version 3.42:

    How to update from 3.41:
    1. Copy the PSNDM342.exe next to the PSN DM folder
    2. Run the PSNDM342.exe this will upgrade all files within the PSN DM Folder.

    Note: Any downloads should not be lost, as all settings will not be changed unless new settings have been added. [No setting changes in 3.42]

    Changes [3.42]:
    >> No longer requires Country.txt or Char_Illegal.txt
    >> No longer outputs Url-Log for debugging purposes, obsolete.
    >> Automated Update Checker

    Known bugs [3.41 & 3.42]:
    >> Crashes UI when downloading some video files, however problem is not major and application still transfers the file without issue.
    >> Automated Update Checker will show a message if the server is not online

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Jordandyckes View Post
    Changes [3.42]:
    >> No longer requires Country.txt or Char_Illegal.txt
    >> No longer outputs Url-Log for debugging purposes, obsolete.
    >> Automated Update Checker
    I have now updated the first post with a link to 3.42 as well- Thanks Jordandyckes (and PSPSwampy) and +Rep to you both!

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    swolern Guest
    So do I download this directly from my ps3?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by swolern View Post
    So do I download this directly from my ps3?
    No - this is a Windows application - you need to run it on your Windows based PC which is conencted to the same network as your PS3 and add IP address of your PC to the Network settings of your PS3 as Proxy (follow the instructions in the original post).

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi, if you would like to make a form of donation to say thank you for the program then use my aStore to purchase your PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, DS, PS2 Games, Accessories and Electronics from

    Thank you, in advance; this way you benefit by getting an item from Amazon UK and I'd get 5% of the value at no extra cost to the buyer.

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