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    Apr 2005

    PSL1GHT: Open-Source PS3 Homebrew SDK is Born

    Update: jonlimle has now released a PSL1GHT OpenGL 3D Robot PS3 Demo and a PSL1GHT OpenGL 3D Roller Coaster Demo with videos below.

    Just over a month ago an open-source PlayStation 3 Toolchain was announced, and today AerialX tweeted (linked above) news that he has started an open-source PS3 SDK named PSL1GHT for homebrew developers along with sharing a Kammy PSL1GHT Port.

    Kammy is a system for loading patches to lv2 (PlayStation 3's Game OS) from a user application, using PSGroove or any other implementation of the exploit that adds the peek/poke syscalls.

    Download: PSL1GHT Open-Source PS3 Homebrew SDK

    This news comes not long after the recent PS3 SDK 1.92 and PS3 SDK 3.41 Sony leaks, and below are some further details from the ReadMe file, as follows:

    PSL1GHT is a lightweight PlayStation 3 homebrew SDK, provided as a temporary way to compile user apps to run from the XMB using the open-source PS3 toolchains available.


    A GCC toolchain that supports the PowerPC 64bit architecture is required to build PSL1GHT and its samples. This (http://www.bsc.es/plantillaH.php?cat_id=579) is the only toolchain that I test with and can guarantee support for. PS3Chain (http://github.com/HACKERCHANNEL/ps3chain) probably works just as well, as should marcan's AsbestOS (http://git.marcansoft.com/?p=asbestos.git) toolchain. Some toolchains will probably already use newlib, and will make the included newlib unnecessary.


    Run make install in the psl1ght directory to build it all, and make sure to set the environment variable $PSL1GHT to the folder where you wish to install it to, for example...

    cd /path/to/psl1ght.git
    export PSL1GHT=/path/to/psl1ght.git/build
    make install

    ... for a local build of it. Ensure that $PSL1GHT is set when you are building any of the examples or other apps that use PSL1GHT.


    At the moment, PSL1GHT has basic libc support, with stdout debugging, file access, etc. You can call lv2 syscalls and do some fun stuff with that, but it doesn't link to PS3 dynamic libraries yet which is where all the exciting functionality comes in. Also, a make_fself equivalent is still missing.

    In related news, phirenz has made available a PSL1GHT Cairo Animation Test .PKG File with source code along with a video below!

    Finally, Darkmath has released a Mandelbrot PSL1GHT Homebrew/Graphics PS3 Demo with a video preview also below.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Karas Guest
    This is awesome to hear more progress on the ps3 scene. However, i do not really understand the main purpose of this, but i am pretty sure it is good. Hopefully we get to see it in action soon.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    =D i am gona give this a try

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    Gstar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    =D i am gona give this a try
    Could you make a homebrew app, that is similar to the FTP server, but something that can work without a blu-ray drive?

    That would be awesome! as I cant seem to get any homebrew apps to work, keep getting a black screen after I start any app. And I have tried everything that I can think of. So that is what im trying to figure out, if someone can create what I asked above and I would be very happy to test it.

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    Mbb Guest
    I don't know what it is but every hack that we have for the PS3 is good for something

    It would be nice if someone told me in 'normal language' what we or the devs can do with this

    +1 anyway

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    Tatsh2DX Guest
    This means no more pirating Sony's SDK. A good thing always. Now what's needed is free documentation as opposed to copying Sony's CHM. Don't know if this supports everything up to 3.41, but I'm sure you can make most of what you would need to with this.

    nVidia didn't make Cg open source ever, so on Linux it's a binary package but you will get the headers, which you'll need to do any advanced 3D stuff. And learn some Cg whilst at it (as opposed to GLSL, it's not very different).

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    tvfan2010 Guest
    Thank you guys on PS3NEWS, i have benn following you since 2 years i really like the page.

    Now that the scene is getting bigger i you are my source of info, however i wish that at the end of your articles (scene ones) you write a little summary about what are the new things on the scene for.. because not all of us now about programming and the language can be a little confusing.

    Thank You so much !

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    Bishoff Guest
    All you have to do is read mate... a quick search for sdk will tell you what is and what it does in 10 seconds.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Good news, it's a matter of time to have a good and fully functional free SDK for PS3, then we can spread the homebrew stuff without being hunted by $ony beasts... I mean, lawyers!

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    Apr 2005
    AerialX has released a Kammy PSL1GHT port, which I will add to the first post now.
    Kammy is a system for loading patches to lv2 (PlayStation 3's Game OS) from a user application, using PSGroove or any other implementation of the exploit that adds the peek/poke syscalls.

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