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Thread: PSJailBreak Reverse Engineered, Requires Hardware to Update

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Can any devs care to elaborate the difficulty of re-creating the dongle with the recognized parts? Instead of dishing out the insane price tag, how easy/ expensive would it be just to DIY your own little dongle, load up the software (once that is freely available) and bada bing you have your exploit?

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    atlask2 Guest
    A great find will be to inject pjb code in a signed pkg. Clones are coming , just wait a month..

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    donnyboy1189 Guest
    once devs have a look at all the requirments to create a cloned dongle, would there be no way emulate the same process on a pc, and set up our own jig e.g usb to usb no dongle required??

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    clouduzz Guest
    well hopefully we can get a free version soon even so as it seems stick is NOT upgradeable but the backup loader is? Maybe the dev gurus can turn a normal usb stick into one. Don't know if that's even possible..

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    anita999 Guest
    well, finally some real reverse engineering begin with data sniffing... though it's not confirmed yet, the ATMEGA soft USB seems to be a good "guess"... if the usb simulation and the 64 bytes "static" response are only things we need, then of course there will be a way to duplicate it with low cost.

    There are many USB micron solutions. all we need is coding.. as for the "it need extra hardware for update" speculation, I would doubt that for a while. with a good coding, the chip could accept data from USB and then perform a in system program. I am not sure whether PSJB's code has this function or not.

    But hardware wise, it shouldn't be impossible. but we need to know the actual micron used in PSJB before we can conclude more things.... remember, all we are seeing now are data sniffing, not final truth.. I wonder the 64 bytes "static" response is really static or not. in most cases, the challenge response sequences requires different responses corresponding to the random challenges.. or maybe the stack overflow caused by the oversized descriptor (again, this is only a speculation) makes the challenge/response routine accepts a "static" response...

    I don't know how the real jig responses to the challenges.. I don't have the jig, and nor the PSJB... I am simply summarizing the facts with my working experiences in reverse engineering....

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    Gunner54 Guest


    I think what they meant by "Updatable" on the PSJB website is that they will update their loader "manager.pkg"

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    atlask2 Guest
    maybe or update the dongle via the 6 gold contact and a hardware support ?

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Another great day, another great development and i'm loving this.

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    Apr 2005


    Here are some raw dumps of output data from the dongle courtesy of FiDilllo also.

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    joysei Guest
    "PSJailbreak emulates mainly an 6 Port USB-Hub, where in a special order, different USB-Devices gets connected and disconnected (emulated!). One of these devices has the id from the sony jig."

    Interesting... what is the 6 devices ID? is it the order or ID was repeatable?

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