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    tommasi Guest
    PSJailBreak will run games req 3.42/3.50 with this update so itis a simple pl3 moh update and remember tommasi said it

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    DeViL303 Guest
    You are probably right Tommasi. They probably purposely worded it so it seemed like they meant 3.50 FW support but what they will release will be 3.50 Game support.

    I reckon its possible the psjailbreak guys might have had the original hack ready and in testing for a while but waited for PSmove's release , as it might have been a dealbreaker for some who considered getting it, if it meant no psn AND no move support it would not be as appealing.

    Anyway I think people don't realise how long we could have been waiting for a PS3 hack like this, It might have never happened as security will only get tighter over the next years. I hope that the guys who put the time into this hack made nice money early on of pirating kids who preordered, the kind of kids who wouldnt have been bothered/able to flash hexs and ftp an stuff, for them it was worth the price of 2 or 3 games! imagine how long it took to develop and test payload and BM until it got to a level ready for retail release at the same time not letting it leak before they were ready!

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    sensismile Guest
    If some genius told them about the first exploit or even they detected them, it's possible that they found another or even some.

    Just think about the Wii. With the first hack-me installer they told us they have still other options of exploiting the wii if the first bug is fixed.

    Yes the PSJB Team deserves credit because without them the PS3 still would not be able to run unsigned / homebrew code.

    my 2 cents

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    metagondria Guest
    I really was exhillerated about the ps3jb hack in the past tense !! But like i have stated Ps3jb seems to have had it 15min of fame. Why?

    1. More if not all the latter games will require FW 3.50 and beyond !!
    2. As some one mentioned here, Security will be tighter in upcoming sony firms !!!!
    3. Therefor, its getting realy hard to find a way to exploit the Sonny console!
    4. And so forward...
    5. In a nutshell , currently its not looking good!!

    I want to make clear to the fanboy and gals, i don't want to BASH the ps3jb and the likes.

    So, before you start to write smartass comments take a DEEP DEEP breath !

    Cheer U up,

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Let's wait to see what is true about 3.42/3.50 support! Even if this is all true, $ony will only have to release a fw 3.51 to block it again! The cat and mouse game starts again...

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    xynuerz Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by solrac1974 View Post
    Let's wait to see what is true about 3.42/3.50 support! Even if this is all true, $ony will only have to release a fw 3.51 to block it again! The cat and mouse game starts again...
    if it real then we know sony dont have anyway to block them. the point i think they have only move the patch point.

    i don't think they will block the git option anyway, they need the git so still wait if this rumor its real.

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    Luckluka Guest


    I am locking this thread because of the following reason:

    I just analyzed flasher_windows.exe and updater.exe
    It is a virus!

    Info about updater.exe:

    Once the program is run, it contacts the following IP Address:

    Which sends it a "bit", when I was analyzing, the program was always receiving a "1", when I tinkered connection, and changed the 1 to 0, I got a messagebox saying "Welcome Master". It then executes flasher_windows.exe, and it downloads "98c.exe" which then spreads across the registry and system32 and gets executed. I think it is a keylogger/R.A.T (Remote Administration Tool)


    Thread Locked.

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