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Thread: PSJailBreak Releases 3.42 / 3.50 Update Software to Select Few

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    xxxgizmoxxx Guest
    Well in my opinion Sony can't completely remove access to USB and Jig devices when booting, because booting into debug mode is required for developement purposes. Seems as though the PS Jailbreak team has found a way to make their device behave like an official 'key', to unlock debug mode on the console.

    If this is the case then firmware updates will no longer be a barrier. Seems to me that the most logical explanation is that there is some truth to that master key rumour that got leaked a little while back!

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    Sterist Guest
    all this speculation sounds nice but are you sure this isn't just a method to update those original jailbreak dongles that early adopters later found out they couldn't update?

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    tjay17 Guest
    Only time will tell. Now for someone to get the files and post them online so that they can be tested.

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    mcx997 Guest
    I stopped using JB and updated 3.41 to 3.50, because of 3 reasons:

    1. 3.000.000 levels of LBP in PSN. I think at least 1.000 of them are great.

    2. Some PSN games are available in public, but not the best of them and only "few".

    3. Zen Pinball has several tables available only through PSN (very cheap). And I like very much table with robot.

    So I betrayed "PS Jailbreak" for more pleasure. Was it worth ? For me - yes. What next ? Will see

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    semitope Guest
    it could well be only to allow the features that the ps3 scene has implemented in clones but we can hope. It was hacked once when noone was getting anywhere. Why not again? Isn't it supposed to be easier to hack something thats already hacked? and what are the odds that the hack can only be blocked by hardware?

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    djizle Guest
    this is probably a load of bull, watch all it will be is an update similar to that of hermes v4 so you can play MOH , etc.. everything they have said has been nothing but lies and stalling. that backup manager that was suppose to "blow us away" with new features was WAY behind what was already available.

    they have kept streeching out , and delaying most likely in hopes that someone else figures it out and they can rip if off and and make it seem like they to figured it out. im glad i didnt buy there crap dongle and went with a minimus. i highly doubt there even the ones who figured this out in the first place, just the first people to put a device out there and claim there the ones who did.

    watch IF anyone figures out a new payload method that works psjailbreak team will magically come out with theres almost immediatly and probably clam there method was ripped off by the "cloners" as they did before.

    It's there own fault they look bad, they should stick to there statements and promises and not beat the bush if they cant do something. if these people were actually making any progress they would have been updating the news on there site more often than just once in a blue moon with more than just statements to try and get distributors and people to buy more dongles.

    i have no doubt in my mind this update is going to lack what the open source community has accomplished, and theyll say something like "new updater to bring support for MOH, and various other titles that are 3.42" with support for new firmwares to follow at the end of the month" again just like they did with the backup manager last month when this official update is released. i'm just sick and tired of hearing news about psjailbreak.

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    aamir007 Guest
    Does anyone even have an original PS JB?

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    foxy1990 Guest
    ain't this just a way to update your dongle with newer payloads etc etc (like any other clone already does i might add)

    says nothing about 3.42 or 3.50 because they never have and never will be close to sorting that! only way is either master key or by some miracle someone makes a major breakthrough on custom firmware or a loop for downgrade which all are extremely unlikely!

    tbh they are trying to clutch onto some limelight as the people who work for free are far faster and efficient at updating (as come be expected) as they dont require a rip off price for extra features!

    PSjailbreak are money grabbers and are everything that is wrong with this scene! support the real teams for their hard work and time they have put into this without demanding money left, right and centre!

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    BwE Guest
    wow they're slow

    i'm losing interest..

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    sonygalize Guest
    Sorry, i only have the psjailbreak2

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