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    Oct 2010
    I order one from china psjailbreak2, they send me instr. how to use!

    Here is what i did:

    1. I power off my console,even plug out from wall
    2. I put the usb psjailbreak stick in usb port
    3. I plug the power cord in wall
    4. power on and right after eject
    5. the ps3 power on and the ps3 jailbrak stick was before red and when power on was green!
    6. I go to game and i go down,there was two folders:1 */app_home/ps3_GAME/ folder 2 was Install package files
    7. I go online and i install open manager on regular usb stick
    8. I take out from pc the usb stick with dowloaded open manager and i put in ps3 usb 2.and usb 1 was ps3 jailbreak stick!
    9. I go to folder 2 Install package files and i install backup manager,after install the backup manager program was instaled.
    10 .I run backup manager and i put Call of duty waw game inside br-drive,i copy game to internal hhd...the copy finishing..
    11. when i try to play game is only BLANK SCREEN

    Anyone know why is blank screen,i have copy 2 games call of duty waw and mw2 on hard drive... do i need some other program to install? I have (open manager) .

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    May 2008
    And again the same box as the PSjaibreak LOLZ...

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    Jun 2008
    games that pose black screen

    1. it needs to be on internal HDD
    2. it just wont run
    3. it needs the SFO edited or somthing

    those possibilities are from my understanding.

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    Oct 2010
    the games you are talking about are actually some of the few titles not supported (yet). most others are though

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    Nov 2006
    Here we go again... smh jailbreak need to work on fw 3.50

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    Aug 2010
    Indeed !! I say, it will take another 4 - 6 Years to have a breakthrough in ps3 hacking now that SONY dealt with it and shut the hole through fmw 3.50 !!!

    Must say sony stand their grounds for their efforts to counter hacking groups

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    Oct 2010
    Psjailbreak 2: A rather common and unclever marketing ploy used to bait those who know nothing.

    This company is hoping these people will see the 2 after the word psjailbreak and immediately think this is an upgraded version of the original psjailbreak dongle; when in fact it's the same as all the other clones!

    The 2 doesn't make it anything special, just more appealing to morons. My advice don't buy from these guys even if the chip works.

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    Feb 2009
    I need to make a psbreakjail 2 and sell it. God dough

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    Sep 2010
    The case oddly resembles that of the PS3Break. Do they have the same factory?

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    Oct 2010
    Hi guys, i'm new to ps3 (but not to the ps2/x360/wii) hacking scene and i bought myself this dongle.

    Main reason is that's an eclips3 clone (or pssamurai) and have 32k onboard, but i'm wondering which hex files i'll have to use for flashing it? Some reported that it works with ALL of them... could it be?

    Well, any anwser will be great, thanks a lot and have a nice day

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